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Cajun and Zydeco Music Makers Books for Sale

FOR SALE $40.00: A lot of EIGHT books on the history and personalities of the Cajun, Creole and Zydeco music makers who have contributed to make our local music what it is. The books are as follows: THE KINGDOM OF ZYDECO by Michael Tisserand. 469 pages. $18.99 new on Amazon. CREOLE MUSIC MAN ~ BOIS SEC ARDOIN by Ching Veillon. Signed by the author. 148 pages. $30.99 new on Amazon. CAJUN MUSIC ~ ITS ORIGINS AND DEVELOPMENT BY Barry Ancelet. 58 pages. Sells for $17.98 - $25.00. ZYDECO! Text by Ben Sandmel Photos by Rick Olivier. 189 pages. $16.95 new on Amazon. CAJUN AND CREOLES MUSIC MAKERS ~ "MUSICIANS CADIENS ET CREOLES." by Barry Jean Ancelet. 1999 (In English and French) $34.00 new on Amazon. THE MAKERS OF CAJUN MUSIC ~ "MUSICIANS CADIENS ET CREOLES" by Barry Jean Ancelet. 1984. Listed for $3.99 used. CAJUN MUSIC AND ZYDECO (high gloss LARGE color photo book). Photos by Philip Gould. Introduction by Barry Jean Ancelet. 120 pages. Not offered currently on Amazon, but the price printed in the book is $39.95. I paid $25.00 for it. TOTAL VALUE OF ALL EIGHT BOOKS IS MORE THAN $160.00. ASKING $40.00 + Shipping FOR ALL EIGHT BOOKS. Local Pickup is free. My Facebook post, accesible using the link below, has pictures of the covers of each book.


Re: Cajun and Zydeco Music Makers Books for Sale

Joan - can't help but notice you appear to be de-cajunizing. Is this a good thing? is that even a word? The book selection looks excellent by the way.

Re: Cajun and Zydeco Music Makers Books for Sale

Not de-Cajunizing, in particular. Mike and I still very much enjoy our lives here in the heart and hub of Acadiana. After going to estate sales every week around here and seeing what goes on there, and the pittance that items are sold for, I have decided to "let go" of some things I have enjoyed, but haven't been using. I have raised enough money from my efforts to pay for a back to back 9 day cruise of Scandinavia followed by a 14 day Transatlantic with ports in Denmark, Sweden, England, Ireland and the Azores ending in NYC. I am in extremely good health, but I am 71 and I am not going to live forever!

Re: Cajun and Zydeco Music Makers Books for Sale

I am 71...soon to be 72. I plan on living forever. GF Danish born, immigrant to the US in 1903. He had Danish and Swedish parents. Long lived people.

Please, don't hold your applause !

Re: Cajun and Zydeco Music Makers Books for Sale

Congrats Jeff.

Re: Cajun and Zydeco Music Makers Books for Sale

Let's all applaud our existence!


Re: Cajun and Zydeco Music Makers Books for Sale

Bacon n yodeling- a sure combo for longevity, with a bit of diatonic accordion thrown in for good measure!

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

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