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Re: monkey music

Solid player.. thanks for the link.

HOHNER's production for the US market almost exclusively 3 rows for the TEX MEX market, this under the direction of Gilbert Reys.

Contrarily, HOHNER discontinued their previously most popular model the HA114.

In its place they have a cheap POS because they do not consider one row (CAJUN and QUEBEC) to be worthy.

Lots of great music has been made on the HOHNER HA114, I have owned at least a dozen and have one in "C" from the 50s as well as an HA 112 and an HA113 both in "A".

Additionally many HA114 models were cannibalized to make "CAJUN" accordeons, notably Shine Mouton. I believe that Jude Moreau, early on in his box making career, made an accordion with Hohner reeds.

Bottom line, the TEX MEX, Norteno, Conjunto world has risen to an all time high and changed the direction of what was once the largest accordeon making company in the world.

This may not be the goal of the CAJUN music world , but it is noteworthy.

Imagine a quality HA114 with at least CZECH reeds and a decent bellows. An affordable quality box. I believe there would be buyers.

(Not the wanna be HA114B for which Savoy has taken credit.. all it was .. Black and more bellows tape and slightly drier.. I bought one new. No character. Offed it)

Re: monkey music

I don't limit myself one bit by what others think a Cajun accordion should be, or have in it. Some of my favorite sounding accordions I've heard has had Hohner reeds in them. I have a Sterling that sounds like crap. I love the Czech reeds. I've got a love hate relationship with Italian reeds. I've very confused most days.

Re: monkey music

" I've got a love hate relationship with Italian reeds. I've very confused most days."

And this applies to their accordeons !!! : )

I am a huge fan of HOHNER accordeons pre Gilbert Reyes association with HOHNER.
I strongly believe he is Latino Centric at the expense of other music cultures.. and this resulted in the demise of many other models.

Which of the Czech reed quality levels have you found to be your choice ? By genre or over all..

Those of us who are of Czech descent would like to know.

MY GGF was born near Salnau (Zelnav) Bohemia, Austria which is now the south western most area of the Czech Republic. I play his accordeon daily.

Re: monkey music

Still tinkering with the Czech reeds. There's compromises with all reeds, which stays consistent with 10 rows...compromises.

The Czech Dix reeds, like they advertise, closely mimic the old Saxony reeds put in the old German boxes. Even come with zinc plates and an O stamp. But I consider them improved versions of the old reeds. They are punchier and more responsive than the old reeds, but not quite as responsive or loud as the new Italian reeds. They have a nice sharp punch in the higher notes. The reeds are hard to tune because they are very pitch sensitive to pressure. But that allows the player to make some nice affects like you may hear some of old players do.

Then I tried their Professional reeds, which is number 3 in their price scale. Much punchier and louder than the Dix reeds, and more stable in pitch. Still not as responsive as Binci or Ciccarelli, but maintain that "Germanic" sound I was looking for.

Then I got some Nastrino reeds, which are their #1 reeds. So far I'm a bit disappointed, they are nice sounding but very mellow, but that may very well be the accordion they are in. Will try another set in another accordion.

So, for people who crave that old German sound, the Czech reeds are what you want. But you have to understand they don't have quite the Italian performance. The Nastrinos are supposed to, and I need to try again to see for sure.

Re: monkey music

Which echos my definition of a "CAJUN" accordeon.. an accordeon made by a CAJUN.

Re: monkey music

Too bad his right hand is moving up (toward the chin) when the notes are high in pitch) and down when the notes are low in pitch.

Moronic. Obviously done by a non player.

Re: monkey music

Ahahahahahaha. Ok Larry C, I get it! You were trying to say that Cajun music is Monkey Music. You sir, may be on to something there, but since you cannot speak nor type anything more than the word Aieeeech or whatever that was, and only have the ability to post a video of a monkey playing accordion, then I have no other choice than to take your banana treat away. You get nothing for the rest of the month. We'll see if that don't smarten you up enough to elaborate on that suggestion of yers!

Re: monkey music

Greasey - By no means do I think Cajun music is Monkey Music. Cajun music is the most beautiful music in the world. I love the accordion & the fiddle (I can’t play fiddle worth beans, but I love it nevertheless). Just wanted to get a rise out of you guys with my suggestion that you all are a bit simian. Can any of you PLAY? You talk but you haven’t posted any examples of your playing to back it up. Just talk, blah, blah, blah. Who cares if your accordions have butt joints or mitered joints? It doesn’t fly, man. I read your accounts of all you know about Cajun music, but never does a single note of it impress me. So, I posted the monkey robot to elicit a meaningful conversation out you (& it did, but not what I expected). I expected the question you just asked me, elaborate. Well here it is, now PLAY. You may say “you first” but I’m not that good & certainly not as good as you & Jeff claim to be. All talk. Blah, blah. This site used to have people of all skill levels posting videos, trying to learn from each other. But they have all left. Maybe it was because of the nasty remarks certain people had for each other. I’m not sure. What do you think of the silence?

Re: monkey music

Larry C

I call BS...

Per your quote:

...."not as good as you & Jeff claim to be."

I have N E V E R claimed any skill at playing accordeon, specifically Cajun style..
I detest misquotes with a serious passion.
Please do not misquote me or characterize me when you know absolutely dick-all about me.
I have, however, often posted I am a "perpetual beginner"

I do know a little bit about accordeons having played for some time and owning well over 50 and having designed and built box parts and began building about 8 years ago when an event took me in another direction.

Why don't I post clips of me playing.. ?

Many reasons..
I am not an exhibitionist.
I have no interest in You Tube other than watching others.. because once in a while there is a gem. Most of it is self serving drivel.
I have very little time.
Even if I was a highly skilled player, .. much as with my art work:
I do not divulge what I know except in rare circumstances.
I never, ever, play music with anyone else.. never have since I began playing guitar in 1961. I have no interest in bands, or jamming, or sessions or any of that. It is all for personal pleasure and expanding my abilities, ie educational.

The silence is for a variety of reasons, namely drug ads and spam mail that results from signing on here.

Some seriously vicious posters and I do believe this.. xenophobia, jingoism and ethnic elitism.

Re: monkey music

I understand. Sorry to have made any assumptions about you.

Re: monkey music

No apology necessary, but, thanks.

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