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Charlie Ortego

Can Anyone Tell me Anything about this accordion? i can not find any information on this.

Re: Charlie Ortego

"MASTER" brand

Often tuned wet.

Re: Charlie Ortego

My second Louisiana made accordion was a Master in Bb.

Definitely not wet, not even close.

I asked Charlie to tune it the normal way that he usually would. The way most Cajun and Zydeco musicians expected. It was not particularly wet.

Are you sure you're not thinking of Jr. Martin? His accordions seem to be wetter than the norm.

Re: Charlie Ortego

Excellent made accordions, I knew Mr Ortego very well. He built me 2 and also took great care of my Sydney Brown. Charlie also did most repairs on the famous Lopez box of Nathan Abshire. the Master box and the one built by Shine Mouton were similar in durability.

Re: Charlie Ortego

The guy that made these accordians is my pawpaw charlie. (My grandmother's dad)
If u have any questions I can gladly help you out! Just email me!

Re: Charlie Ortego

I'd like to buy it 3373139200

Re: Charlie Ortego

How do I find out when my Master was built?

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