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Re: Le Capitaine for sale

It is customary to state a key and a price.

Perhaps a description may entice a buyer.

Re: Le Capitaine for sale

First cast.
Key of C, $1000 plus shipping

Re: Le Capitaine for sale

Built from beautiful cypress, butt joints, metal capped buttons. Key of C, Cajun tuned. Binci #2 reeds.
Made by Danny Dyson for me in 2005.
Gently played in a climate controlled home.
$1000 plus shipping

Re: Le Capitaine for sale

Hardshell mbt case and nylon strap

Re: Le Capitaine for sale

What do you mean by "CAJUN" tuned ?
Tuned by a "CAJUN"?..or one of the many "just" tunings also used by Cajuns, and is it dry tuned or other?

Swamp Cypress, Monterey Cypress, Spanish, Mediterranean, other?

Binci #2 reeds, sourced from Miller ?

Best of luck on the sale.

Re: Le Capitaine for sale

3rd and 7th notes flatted
about 15c. This offers some temperment balance. Ask Danny if he is of Cajun descent. Taxodium distichum. As a Luthier of 35 years, I also have fiddles, banjos, guitars
And such. As a retired engineer and analyst, lots of science stuff too.:crocodile:

Re: Le Capitaine for sale

Any pictures, Craig? I love the look of old cypress accordions.

Re: Le Capitaine for sale

Yes. I e mailed some to another player earlier. I can forward them to you. A scientist at work also doubled as the photographer and he took some shots when new. Still looking for that CD.

Re: Le Capitaine for sale

Go ahead if you don't mind. I won't be buying, but I was just interested to see. I get a lot of requests for used accordions so I can pass it on.

Re: Le Capitaine for sale

Your e mail acct kicked them back.


Re: Le Capitaine for sale

Sorry, I had had coded it to prevent spam, coded it too much, I guess. I fixed it if you want to try again.

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