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Re: Monarch copy. How?

No Jeff, you're making them sound ugly. The "Champions" could take the best qualities from the Monarch, Globes, and the Sterlings. But no modern colors.

The Blue Max was a German Medal designed by the French and was made popular in a story about a lowly enlisted pilot that earned top rank amongst the other officer pilots that would not accept him. "The Blue Max" covers all the bases for these Champion Cajun accordions. Even though they may have Czech reeds in them.

Re: Monarch copy. How?


My wife's family are all Prussians
Part of my family are Prussians

The French language was the official language of the Prussian court and aristocracy and government.

The medal was of Prussian, not French origin.

Prussia was at times a separate country/state and part of Poland and a part of Germany.

The Blue Max would be an appropriate name for an accordeon given its Prussian/Germanic roots for the first accordeons bought and used by Cajuns. German and Saxon made.

There were many Czechs who spoke German, among them my GGF and GGM (my mother's grandparents.) ... both from Bohemia, a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is now the western/southernmost part of the Czech Republic where German is now a secondary language and Czech is the official language.

PS My mother's name was Maxine, affectionately called... "Max". But that name for an accordeon has already been assigned to the Castagnari "Melodeon".. aka the "MAX". I have owned 3 MAX accordeons.

Instead of "Champion"

How about "Champignon" ?

Re: Monarch copy. How?

I specifically asked Danny Dyson to build a cypress box for me. Horrors!
Sounds great, looks great, strong and light. Won't rot to boot.
I build fiddles and other tuned in 5ths stringers. Fiddles for trad. SWL music are fun because various wood and carvings are acceptable.


Re: Monarch copy. How?

Ok Bryan, you can go with the Czech reeds in them Blue Max's. Or what ever reed you come across that will be the perfect reed to make a grand statement with. I trust your judgement. I can see that you're not one to rush in to things without thought. Good luck! I hereby formally give up my idea freely unto you. The way I figure, it could make you a few 100 thousand dollars before you retire if you play your cards right. Put me down for both a "C" and a "D" when you get around to it. And I'll even throw in a demonstration of "La Valse de la Louisianne" the way Angelas' turns it, but using that turn for the song "La Valse Cadjin" instead. You'll never see anything like it done by anyone else. Life Changing. LOL

Re: Monarch copy. How?

OK G McGill...

Recap exactly what you are proposing..
this has become fuzzy.

Thank You

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