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Re: monkey music

Larry C

I call BS...

Per your quote:

...."not as good as you & Jeff claim to be."

I have N E V E R claimed any skill at playing accordeon, specifically Cajun style..
I detest misquotes with a serious passion.
Please do not misquote me or characterize me when you know absolutely dick-all about me.
I have, however, often posted I am a "perpetual beginner"

I do know a little bit about accordeons having played for some time and owning well over 50 and having designed and built box parts and began building about 8 years ago when an event took me in another direction.

Why don't I post clips of me playing.. ?

Many reasons..
I am not an exhibitionist.
I have no interest in You Tube other than watching others.. because once in a while there is a gem. Most of it is self serving drivel.
I have very little time.
Even if I was a highly skilled player, .. much as with my art work:
I do not divulge what I know except in rare circumstances.
I never, ever, play music with anyone else.. never have since I began playing guitar in 1961. I have no interest in bands, or jamming, or sessions or any of that. It is all for personal pleasure and expanding my abilities, ie educational.

The silence is for a variety of reasons, namely drug ads and spam mail that results from signing on here.

Some seriously vicious posters and I do believe this.. xenophobia, jingoism and ethnic elitism.

Re: monkey music

I understand. Sorry to have made any assumptions about you.

Re: monkey music

No apology necessary, but, thanks.

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