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Re: Greezy McGill's True Identity

D-Wag, I'm not so sure establishing the identity of Mr. Greezy is necessarily a good thing for this forum. In fact it seems to me there are a number of folk who sail under a false flag here. The anonymous comments on this forum are usually designed to stimulate thought and I go with what is said rather than who said it. Stand down I say.

Re: Greezy McGill's True Identity

How do we know that D-Wag is not another alias of Greezy? Just to tease us! hmm! What do you think, Dr Watson? :sunglasses:
(Personally, I don't care either :slightly_smiling_face: ).

Re: Greezy McGill's True Identity

I'm not the Greez, nor have I ever met him. My email is attached to my first post, which includes my full name, I have nothing to hide. I won't revel his name (I'm now 99.9% sure I know who he is), I just want him to know that I know.

Re: Greezy McGill's True Identity

I don't care who he is, but I would like to see a video of him demonstrating the skill that he claims.

C'mon, Greezy, how 'bout some tunes, dude?

Re: Greezy McGill's True Identity

I want to see him play as well. Greezy, if you ever get around to seeing this, how about we hang out and you can play some licks. You could met me at my first-cousin’s store, Lougon’s, which should be right down the road from you, and we could bond over beer, gratons, and “the greatest accordion riff of all time”...what say you?

Re: Greezy McGill's True Identity

He is millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. We established this back in February.
P.S. Ned,do another Ossun Two Step video. The video on YouTube is gone and I accidentally deleted it off my tablet.

Re: Greezy McGill's True Identity

Per your request, Nightshirt, Lampshade, whomever you are (I'm guessing AJ from UK), here's the Ossun Two Step complete with fumbles and timing errors. With that said, it's the best I can muster.

Greezy needs to post up to demonstrate the proper way to play it.


Re: Greezy McGill's True Identity

Here's Ossun's cousin.


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