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Cajun Accordion for sale

A "Bon Cajun" accordion made by Larry Miller, of Iota, LA, in the key of D.

My brother, Jim Briley, was a Cajun musician. He played accordion, fiddle, and sang. He met Mr. Miller when he took an accordion repair class that Mr. Miller was teaching. The way that my nephew and I remember, Mr. Miller contacted my brother and told him that he was making a "last run" of accordions and asked if he wanted one of them. My brother purchased this one - the date on the invoice is 10/9/14. He was sick at the time and did not get to play it very much. It is not broken in. I have kept it since his passing in 2015, but feel that it should be played and give the joy it was made to give. I have the original invoice that describes it as "Quilted Maple Key of "D" Bon Cajun Accordion - stained honey maple. It came with a hard carry case and a black leather strap. He paid $2,200., and I would like to get that for it. If you are interested, please contact me and I can send a picture. Thank you, Judy

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