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Re: MMMM Accordeon

I don't know about that Jeff, but I would bet an accordion set up LMMM is a thing of beauty, especially for a high key like F. I have thought about this one many times.

Re: MMMM Accordeon


I have been considering converting a HOHNER HA113 into an MMMM or possibly an MMMM

I have a spare HA112 in A that has had some inelegant repairs and would make an excellent donor.

Some 1920s to 1940s Italian made, American marketed 1 & 1 1/2 row boxes had multiple M reeds.

On an LMMH box the only time I use the "H" reed is in combination with one M or the L.

Re: MMMM Accordeon

That should be or an "HMMM".

Re: MMMM Accordeon

mmmm ...

if you shut off the H and the L, wouldn't you get almost the same sound? what's the use?
seems like a waist of reeds to me.

Re: MMMM Accordeon

Because you tune the reeds differently..
ie a couple cents up or down.

-5, plus 5, plus 10, one at 440 etc

or one down at 5, two at 440, one at plus 5

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