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Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Finally something you posted makes sense and truthful. I agree with most of what you wrote. Waiting for 30 years to record is a bit much, that is if a the artist is fluent in our language. Ye Yaille has almost 400 pages in the book and we hear the Cajun top 40 year after year. I love to listen to the old original recordings and I learn the lyrics just as they were written. Today you would be killing yourself trying to learn the 1000's of versions Flame D'enfer

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Woo Hoo Jerry! Finally, you've come to your senses. It took me all this time to get in there to you. Wait, I think its snowing outside! HA HA. Well, I guess I can take down your picture from my bathroom mirror now. Mission accomplished! Love Greezy.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Wrong buckwheat! I have always been sensible. You have finally written something of value. I have been harping on this for a long time you are just coming to the discussion. So back to your drawing board for good topics.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

I don't see the relevance.

Video sucked, I understand what they were trying to do, it didn't work.

So help me see the connection here.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Hey, how did this turn to the negative? Jeff, are you trying to "enspire" me again? As in exite and inspire more information out of me? Ok, I'll bite.

All of my life I have been listening to some type of Cajun radio station. So its safe to say that I've heard very many versions of every Cajun song that exists. I've heard the good, the bad, and the ugly. I've heard some young artist playing the exact same song in the exact same way as another Cajun musician that originally stole the original song and re-recorded it LOL. At one point there were about 5 different Marc Savoys or parakeets of Marc Savoy on the radio. Another instance that really sticks out in my head is when Kevin Naquin was morphing, very weirdly I might add, into Steve Riley and actually recorded it on CD. It was hilarious to me how no one told him not to do that. None of his friends, family, nor anyone at the recording studio told him that he, his accordion, and his band sounded just like Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys and that maybe he should keep it Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys and not Kevin Riley and the Mamou Playboys. Maybe he was trying to prove that he could do it just like Steve Riley?? And I mean just like Steve Riley. I couldn't believe that the recording studio actually let it happen!

Maybe if the recording studios were like the one in the video, they would demand quality and originality from these Cajun musicians instead of just looking to make a buck at the demise of quality and originality.

If these Cajun musicians knew that the studios wouldn't allow any nonsense, maybe, just maybe, they would take a little more time with their music and musicianship to produce better quality and originality. We'd have a whole lot less "run to the studio to make their mark on the world Cajun musicians" that when they get there produce absolutely no quality nor originality what so ever. And then we, the listeners have to endure this got dam nonsense when it's played on the radio on Saturday and Sunday morning over and over again. It also amazes me that the radio stations play it too! It almost as if they don't have any regulators or filters in the common sense part of their brains. Ever heard an artist or a particular song get over played on a radio station? Well, it gets old quick. It diminishes the musician, the radio station, and the Cajun music as a whole. Well at least it does in mine and Jerry's mind anyways. Capiche?

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Not at all..
I just don't get it.. no connection from the really sucky video and your monologue.

I re-read your post and re posted myself about 4 paragraphs, and the internet blew me off
No time to re post

I understand the part of the lack of originality and at the same time the ability to stick to a tradition.

And who MAde Savoy the voice of all things Cajun.. and then the clones and their clones.

Parrots.. you call them parakeets
There is a verb "to parrot" there is no verb "to parakeet"

Savoy improved his playing and building (for a short period of time) after his contact with a famous player builder from Quebec. Savoy accused the Quebec player of playing music over the phone that was actually more than one accordeon. It was one.

Still the video had a point that was not well made owing to poorly written, poorly directed, poorly acted bit of drivel.

What if we were rigid and demanded an adherence to your standards.. would we still have Kershaw ?

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Which Kashaw are you talking about Sammy Kershaw, or Doug Kershaw. And yes, I did say Kashaw. Kershaw is a show name that didn't sound as bad as Ka'shaw.

Man I remember when Marc was infatuated with that Canadian player who could really work that accordion Canadian style. Marc personally handed me a CD of the guy's for me to study it. I studied it for about a month, then I threw it out my got dam truck window! Did not apply what so ever to Cajun accordion playing in my "humble" opinion. LOL. I also stopped seeking out Marc Savoy for advice for making me buy that got dam Canadian accordion music fiasco.

Here I was, asking him some pretty important questions about Cajun accordion playing, and he sends me off on a wild got dam goose chase after some Canadian accordion player.

P.S. Go and watch the recording studio video again. LOL, Jerry got it, why couldn't you? You must be missing the point, or you have some type of prejudice for one of the actors. Are you Jewish? I didn't mean to offend any Jewish folks.

And thanks to your bickering Jeff and my wanting to retaliate.....It is with this single comment that Marc Savoy knows exactly who I am now!! Got DAM IT!

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

I might add this is not a recent issue. I read an article back in the 70's I think by Floyd Soieau was featured in an article about the recording industry. Floyd limited the recordings so that we wouldn't have 50 new recordings of the same song. I will I still had the article. This is when I started paying better attention to what was going on in Cajun music.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

OK.. I'll dumb down and see if I get the video.
No, I am not Jewish, as if Jewish matters; except for the less than humorous parody and stereotyping.

Maybe I do get it but it just doesn't relate because it is so badly done. I'll give it a go.

I have met Savoy a couple times and spoken with him on the phone. A friend travelled all the way to Savoy's music solely to buy an accordeon. He and his wife were treated poorly and all but ignored. He a box player and a violinist and concertina player and both were teachers. He had a "Cajun" band in Oregon. I sold him one of my Jude Moreau accordeons after he got back.

I have absolutely no need or desire to ever converse with Savoy again. My sentiments are held by many. If I were Cajun, I would be greatly concerned that Savoy is the pinnacle of Cajun music and culture.

This does not diminish his skill as an accordeon player. I don't care for his butt jointed accordeons largely made by others.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

LOL, Jeff, Marc Savoy is not the pinnacle of Cajun music and culture in my opinion, but he's pretty high up on the pyramid for accordion skills, knowledge, involvement, and money made from the industry. Maybe that makes him somewhat irritable when it comes to sharing it all.

It's always a matter of opinion as to who's the BEST!

Hell, I'd even place myself pretty high up on that pyramid just for the investigative skills and sheer audacity and magical way of presenting it all that I possess when it comes to unlocking and sharing Cajun accordion secrets. But Jerry still places me at the bottom left of the pyramid. LOL.

Whud'll you say Jeff? Am I, Greezy McGill in better standing, in your opinion, than Marc Savoy? Please don't ever answer that question. It may cause some kind of paradox in the universal continuum. LOL and HA! Jeff, laugh a little...its goot fer ya.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Well Mr Big Time all we have to go by is regurgitated info widely available on the internet reworded and no action. You have not shown any of your superior accordion skills,ever. You could wear a mask or set the camera so no one could see your face and give us lower folks a sample of your talent. Not that I would watch it, however. Just keep posting these stories and don't reveal your identity-it's best to just not know

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Greasey is back with all of his babblings. A tune from him would confirm that he knows what he is talking about, otherwise his long windedness is not proof of having accomplished much. He says he plays with himself 98% of the time. He's right, nothing is what it seems.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

I play with myself more than 98% of the time.. do I go to the head of the class ?

It is a shame that I live in a place where Popeye Chicken is the closest thing folks consider Cajun.
Certainly no music.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Remember guys, my goal is to chronicle the evolution and process of learning of the lone Cajun accordion player learning the Cajun music on his own. The Bravenet serves nicely to do just that. Believe me, there are many out there in this very situation, alone and without guidance. I'm not going to give you any videos to prove myself, or my worth, or how good I am on that got dam accordion! Just assume that I'm pretty good, and that I want you to achieve your own style, not copy mine! It is obvious to me that over time since the beginning of the Cajun accordion players that the system for playing Cajun music on an accordion is not so forthcoming or easy to attain or even recognize for that matter. Oh, you might be able to clumsily peck out a song or two in half an hour for your first time like I did, and or copy or "parakeet" a few more songs for good measure, but to understand the possibilities and methods of playing a Cajun accordion. For some reason, it still takes many,many years and some people never even come close to being any good on Cajun accordion! And nobody, in my opinion is giving up any concrete method or system whether they be Cajun or non Cajun! Got Dammit do I have to spell it out for you?! I can see it here on the Bravenet how much ignorance there is about the 4 different positions that you can play on one Cajun accordion. I can see how some people still don't know the "musical keys" (C,G,F,D) for each of those 4 positions on a "C" accordion, and if they do, they sure don't want to discuss it much or give up the info, or take time to type it for all to see. I can see how no one seems to know the best combination of songs, be they Cajun, Country, Swamp Pop, or Blues, for a Cajun accordion player to start with to make him or her realize and or learn all of these 4 positions and the keys accordingly, and when and how to apply them to Cajun music. The ignorance, the hard headedness, the secrets hoarding, the "Who's The Best" saber rattling, and crappy musicianship and bad singing all still remain. The ignorance and all this stuff is not as bad as it once was, but it still remains. I believe you learn how to be a good Cajun accordion player by "feel" and "sound". In other words (playing by ear). But I also believe (playing by ear) produces ignorance that passes on from generation to generation of accordion players. We must become more musically literate and learn the got dam instrument and all it is capable of, and last but not least, HOW TO TEACH ALL OF IT easily and quickly. There have been so many cases of Cajun songs being copied, changed, and manipulated by these Cajun and non Cajun musicians just by changing the got dam key the song was originally played in. That takes talent, but not creativity. You want to make your mark, create a new song. Don't just copy, steal, or parakeet someone else's song, have it recorded, and claim the fame. If you are frustrated with me and want more than I have to offer, then figure it out on your own for the rest of your short life or what ever you have left of it. To each his own. You have your whole life to learn how to play like Aldus Roger, or whoever the hell it is that you call your hero. Wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of system that shows you exactly how to play just like them and even better than them?!! And even in your own style??

"A polka accordion player from California walks into a Cajun bar and see's this old man just cranking down on an accordion on the bandstand with his band. The crowd is dancing, drinking, talking and laughing and the atmosphere in the house is electric! The Polka player ponders about how he is never able to excite people like this with Polka music. The Champion Polka player walks up to the old Cajun man and says, "Hey mister, I've never heard music like that come from an accordion! You're really really good! Can you tell me what position you're playing your songs in?" The old man looks up and says, "Mais, da sitting position, what's da matta neg, you can't see my chair?

I rest my got dam case!

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Mr Greezy that last post was a classic. So thanks. In all the excitement I hope folk did not miss that Mr. Greezy and Mr. Jerry appeared to reach an agreement, albeit short lived. Priceless stuff this.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Just one more tid-bit of info. Jamey Hall mentioned this ever so briefly back in 2010, and he wasn't real sure about it from the way his comment sounded, and no one could comment to the better or give the solution. Garney Arsement also dropped a very little information about the 4th position here and there. I might have even seen AJ type the words "Dorian Scale" or "Dorian Style" = 4th Position??

If you want to try playing a (4th Position) song in the key of "D" on a "C" accordion. That song would be "Pine Grove Blues" aka "Hey Negresse" by Nathan Abshire.(Nathan Abshire the trash man?? Who'da thought) And yes, you can play it alone without the accompaniment guitar. I heard my gramps play it alone many times when I was a kid. Absolutely possible! You play your own accompaniment on the base and treble side between the melodies. The base side is played in slow two step or blues mode like "Grosse Erreur". But who's going to show you how to do it without a video??

No body showed me, I pecked it out on the accordion after listening to the original recording over and over until I finally was able to play and sing it good enough to sell it. To be familiar with the rhythm of another blues song called "Sugar Bee" really helps when it comes to pulling off "The Pine Grove Blues" more easily. Now you know more than you knew before. How's that for "rabble" and "rambling"? Does that do it for ya?! DO YOU FEEL THAT Jerry, Jeff, and Larry?! (Said with emphasis and hips being thrust forward and back in a forceful pumping motion.) LOL

Oh, and thanks for the support Mr Guy. I really appreciate it.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Can also play the mardi gras song in D on a C accordion. I learned it that way before I knew anything about positions or keys.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

On a C Accordeon:

1st position: C
2nd Position: G
3rd Position: D
4th Position: A
5th Position: E

etc ????????????????

Chronicle means to record or write what others are doing. IE an historic recollection.

Or do you mean to offer some instruction/enlightenment/assistance to a lone player trying to learn Cajun Accordeon ?

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

"C" Accordion

1st Position: C
2nd Position: G
3rd Position: F
4th Position: D
5th Position: Don't Worry About It. Not enough songs can be played accurately in this "theoretical" position. It doesn't exist yet. Only in Greezy McGill's deep subconscious mind.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Why that order..?
makes no sense in conventional music theory.

Take as an example the diatonic 10 hole harmonica which is tuned like the 10 button diatonic accordion. (Icidentally both invented in 1829)

1st position... C
2nd position G
3rd Position D
4th position A
5th position E

Why because it ascends in 5ths

What is the logic to your position naming and function ?

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

It may just be worth your next 20-30 minutes to actually listen to the video below. It will help you to weed out more of the BS of this modern life and society just a little more than you could before you watched the video.

Some of the Recording studios and local Cajun radio stations are doing much of what is mentioned in the video. Overplaying the living hell out of not so deserving, mediocre or just plain non talented artist and their music, and leaving the truly great older music on the got dam shelf to be forgotten.

Re: Hey Jerray!

To expand on Jerry's comment about "Ye Yaille".

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CAJUN MUSIC! - Words and Music to 247 Original and Traditional songs. A treasury of Cajun Music collected, transcribed, and annotated by Raymond E. Francois. "Ye Yaille Chere" is a comprehensive collection of music from southwest Louisiana from 1900 and earlier to nearly 1970. This book is a valuable reference for anyone interested in Cajun music and the Cajun culture. Tunes, turns, chord changes, and words are documented in manuscript for more than 240 selections, ranging from old songs which have nearly been forgotten to the classic songs of Cajun repertoire. Variations of many songs are included, and songs are cross-referenced to original and other recordings and to related songs. Reminiscences by Cajun musicians and extensive notes provide a musical and cultural setting for the selections

Amazon $40
Barny and Noble $40

Jerry, how valuable would you say the song book is? You own one. Is it worth my time or any Cajun musician's time and money to purchase one? Do they have the French to English translation? You really need to let go and let us know what's stored in that mind of yern. Are you having trouble getting a word in edgewise with all of my incoherent ramblings that only have 1% value thus far? I can back off and let you have the soap box. I'll just occasionally "chirp" in with my 2 cents. I just have so much stuff in my head man! If it don't get typed on here, my head explodes. :face_with_head_bandage:

Re: Hey Jerray!

Greezy McGill

Jun 6, 2018 - 5:48PM

Quote Reply
Re: Hey Jerray!

"To expand on Jerry's comment about "Ye Yaille"."

My pedantic mind can't hold back....

The word would be "EXPOUND", not "expand".

Yer welcum.

Re: The Way Recording Studios Should Be?

Amazing, like minds and all that.
Watched that last night. !!

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