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Re: The elusive "key of F" accordion

LOL, you're killing me Smalls! Well, I just put a C and F because I didn't have much room to write with that fat marker on the end of them fingers. Musta wrote and rewrote those dam letters 3 times before I finally liked the way they looked to my eye while I was actually playing and looking down at them. Gotta write them on the top half of the finger so you can see them good while playing. But you can only see them when you actually hit each button and the perspective finger rises from the rest to show it's musical note. I had seen this done before, but the teacher had put the notes on a piece of manila that he glued to the accordion right next to the end of the fingers. To hell with that! I aint putting glue on my dam accordion!

Now as an accordion builder...Bryan, have you memorized each note for the push and pull yet for the C and D accordion? That would put you ahead of the game!

Re: The elusive "key of F" accordion

I have. I would think most players who've been playing a while can id the notes on their basic accordion, especially if that's the one they learned on, at least the guys I've been around can. It seems easy on a C, but anything else seems not as easy to remember. I can remember the D just because I've tuned so many.

Knowing the notes of my accordions was pretty critical when I was learning songs in the 3rd position, it helped with the transposing since it seemed so unnatural to me to play in that position.

Re: The elusive "key of F" accordion

Bryan, you have no idea just how right you are. Time and understanding within this accordion discussion group will prove it. For those that are able to pay attention, seek, search, and decipher all of it, once it's all said and done.

You'll see......

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