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Accordion Kama Sutra - What's your position?

In my last few years' journey into Cajun accordion music, I thought this was what I learned:

First position = key of C as in comfortable
Second Position = key G as in good
Third position = key of F as in flabbergasting

Recognizing the key of D as "the" blues key, I have never heard it assigned a pecking order. Oh yeah, there's a E in there that shows up at Mardi Gras, but who's counting then?

Please help me get my mind right. Am I disombobulated by the dissonant discourse?

-Troubled in T-Town

Re: Accordion Kama Sutra - What's your position?

That's the positions as I thought I knew them.

Re: Accordion Kama Sutra - What's your position?

Yep, for a C accordion, that is the way I have always seen it.

Adding to the discussion, First Position can also be referred to as the "push" key, and Second Position as the "pull" key.

A long time ago, I asked if there was an equivalent term for the Third Position, and a few people said they'd heard it called the "backside" key. Interesting.

Never heard of no Fourth Position before it was brought up here recently.


Re: Accordion Kama Sutra - What's your position?

I like that David. (The Backside) LOL, yes knowing the 3rd position like I do now, that is a good nickname for it. Sounds like some Cajun came up with that, because he didn't quite know how to explain it more accurately. And yes it's the hidden backside and feels like you're playing backwards that dam "F" to the 3rd..

As far as for that 4th position key of "D" on the "C" accordion. Just go and play them songs I posted to play along with. When you get it, you'll know for certain that there is a "the dirty backside" LOL the 4th.

No one ever really talks about the "D"irty 4th. Marc Savoy knows it, and I am certain about that, be he aint offering to tell anyone about it, so I thought I would bring it to the light so to speak. When you know how to play in the Dirty 4th folks, you're doing pretty got dam good as far as I'm concerned. Almost a Master!

To be a Master, the way I see it, You have to be able to teach it to at least 3 students.

LOL, to be a Grand Master, you have to be able to teach it to 50 or more students or at least make them aware of it. You know, kinda like I did. LOL again. Right Jerr?

Re: Accordion Kama Sutra - What's your position?

Don't forget the 7th position, key of B – you'll need that for playing "Smoke on the Water" :O

Re: Accordion Kama Sutra - What's your position?

Pahahahaha Nate. Believe it or not, that was the very first song I learned on an electric guitar myself. But it wasn't in any particular key, I picked it out one string and note at a time. And I did that without any marijuwanna in my system. I was 7 years old. Hadn't started smoking yet.

Stop being sarcastic. You had better believe like you believe in Jeezus that there is a 4th position on that got dam accordion. In fact, I'm about to post a song on the other discussion about "Finally a way to Master the 4th" that is in the 4th position on a "D" accordion which would be the key of "E". Go have a listen. Don't let it spook you.

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