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Bayou brand accordion for sale, key of C

I have a Bayou accordion made by the late Donald Thibodeaux around 1990. Key of C, leathers on the flappers are worn so it leaks a little, but that's an easy fix. I have 2 other boxes in the key of C, so I am making some room. Asking price is $900+ shipping.

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Re: Bayou brand accordion for sale, key of C

Mais Mon! I can see why it leaks!. Judging from the different sized and out of line valve hole fingers, I can see that not a great amount of care went into the final touches. Or someone came later and made fixes with what ever they had in the accordion parts bin. That accordion would need all the fingers replaced and "double thick felt" and new sheep skin put on them. More than likely needs a new set of button springs. That put's the price up from $900 to $1,200 right off the bat.

1990? What about them bellows? They pretty loose by now? That's another set of bellows more than likely. Price going up to $1,400 now.

What of the reeds? What kind are they? Any of them broken or out of tune?
Accordion tuning brings the price up to $1,600.

Gonna need some new bellows straps, thumb strap, and base block strap to match. Price just went up to $1,700.

That accordion brand new was worth around $800 to $1,000 at the time of 1990. It's nearing 30 years old!

I've never heard of "Bayou Brand" before. Mr. Donald must not have made many.

If I were to sell my 1999 SUV Toyota that I purchased in 2003 used for $24,000 at the same price rate confifuration you're trying to sell this accordion. I could sell my SUV today with 300,000 miles on it for $25,000. LOL, the dealer offered me two hundred dollars for it last year. I told him that I would drive it until it fell apart. Still running to this very day!

No harm meant. Just letting you know how I see things. Be fair to the good people, and they will be fair with you. Have the accordion fixed with all of the things I mentioned above checked and or replaced and sell it for $900. That would be fair in my book. Or sell it for $400 as is. That also would be fair in my most humble opinion and book.

Re: Bayou brand accordion for sale, key of C

I've had it looked at by several reputable accordion builders in LA, including Elton Doucet and Jr Martin...and no, it doesn't add up even close to $1700. And if you've never heard of Donald Thibodeaux, then I don't know what to tell you. His band was literally the house band for Fred's lounge for ages. I'm not selling this as a pristine condition accordion, I stated exactly what it needed. It still plays and sounds incredible just like it did when it was built, it just needs a few repairs on the treble side.

Re: Bayou brand accordion for sale, key of C

Stained pine ?
Butted instead of mitered joints ?

What is the reed brand ?...

My 2000 4 Runner with 225 K miles is worth about $5K-7K..'
why.. because it is a revered name brand, proven pedigree..
Stand up manufacturer still in business. Entirely made in Japan with Japanese workmanship and the best materials.
And it does not have and cheap pine or butted joints.

Not trying to slam your accordion, just a reality check.. Looks like a cut below Miller.. and not up to John Doucet standards by a long shot.

I would not venture a guess as to price unless I saw the reeds,, which would be the only value to me.

Re: Bayou brand accordion for sale, key of C

Price reduced to $600 + shipping.

Re: Bayou brand accordion for sale, key of C

Price reduced to $400 + shipping.

Re: Bayou brand accordion for sale, key of C

good afternoon Byron,
I sent an inquiry about the Donald Thibodeaux recently. You stated you wanted $400.00 plus shipping.
I wonder if its still available and have you gone down on the price any?
I would be interested if you might include shipping as part of the total cost.
If not where are you located - I might be interested in a short road trip purchase it??
Joe Thibodeaux
thanks and waiting a reply

Re: Bayou brand accordion for sale, key of C

Hi, Joe,
I ended up buying the accordion from Byron.

I am in the process of restoring it now.

If you are interested in seeing some of the progress, it can be found here:


Best regards,

Re: Bayou brand accordion for sale, key of C

I ended up buying the accordion from Byron.
Most of the issues were created by someone that tried to "fix" the accordion.
They put some of the flappers back on upside down and tried to use double stick foam tape as felt pads.

I cleaned up the keyboard, repaired the broken flappers, added new pads and leather and adjusted the flappers and keyboard spring tension.

The valves on the bass side are also old and dried up.

The reeds are out of tune and the reed gaps are off,
I'll start on the inside next week.

Should have something playable soon! :)


Re: Bayou brand accordion for sale, key of C

Dana, this is very interesting. I'm anxious to see the next episode!

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