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Re: Cajun Jam in Lake Arthur

Yeah, he’s still alive and playing, and will most likely be there tomorrow

Re: Cajun Jam in Lake Arthur

Ok then, if not tomorrow, I might just show up one day. It is close enough for me to go to easily, and I'm pretty sure the musicians there are Cadjin to the bone. Or...one of my cohorts will go to scout around. You never know. I got to handle this secret identity thing carefully. Because if the cat ever gets out the bag, Greezy McGill is going to be busier than a one legged man in an A$$ kicking contest. And I do not want that! LOL

Who knows, maybe we can turn the Lake Arthur Jam into a well known and respected jam of jams where the "Big Hitters" go to wind down and learn to play it old style again and get back to their roots when they're finished touring the world and doing the "Chicken Dance".

Pretty good location I think. Lake Arthur does still have the old timey feel to it, and the people there still speak French on a daily basis right? We shall see my friend......we shall see.

Re: Cajun Jam in Lake Arthur

How is Mais pronounced? Is it maze or may or neither one?

Re: Cajun Jam in Lake Arthur

Hey, Lampshade,

Mais, dey say may.

Re: Cajun Jam in Lake Arthur

Thank you Ned I'm learning alot from you. More drills!
Nightlamp shirtshade:grinning:

Re: Cajun Jam in Lake Arthur

It would sound like "mah" the "a" sounds like the "a" in the word "hat", and the "h" part would be implied, but silent.

Re: Cajun Jam in Lake Arthur

Ok thank you too

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