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Re: Origins of a recurrent cajun harmonic structure (intellectualization of cajun music)

I own an Acadian in the key of C. I can play in the 1st & 2nd positions with reasonable competence. The 4th position to me is rather bluesy & I can play a few tunes in D. The 3rd position is weird & I really wasn't aware of it until this discussion of positions started, but I'm working on it.

I'm "out of the loop" because I don't live near any Cajun musicians. So videos help, but they aren't the same as hearing the music live. I've been to Louisiana several times & always come back charged with enthusiasm. It's the "groove" that can't really be gotten from videos & CDs that inspires me. But videos are quite helpful even if they don't show the "big picture or the whole story of a true Cajun playing the accordion." There a couple on YouTube players that are very helpful. Do you think the camera would take away your true soul? I need examples of the four positions, not talk.

So get on your back porch & scar me for life.

Re: Origins of a recurrent cajun harmonic structure (intellectualization of cajun music)

You heard the man fellas. Get busy on some accordion "key" positions videos. I've told yall everything yall need to know. Well, enough to at least be aware of the "Keys" that exists on all of the Cajun accordion choices, but specifically, on the "C" accordion. Somebody out there wants to make a video of just the accordion?? Well....a video of just how to approach the 4 "Keys" would be perfect for that kind of video. No bells and whistles, no singing, crying, screaming, or hilarious exaggerations of foot stomping and head shaking . Just the confirmation chords and octaves showing the locations and approach set up of each of the 4 positions. Oh, and you have to label the accordion that will be used in the video so's everyone can confirm you're not lying or guessing. LOL

Larry, The main locations of the "Key Chords and Octaves" of each "Position" were posted earlier and also, how to label your accordion. If you follow those posts, you won't need a video. You'll be on your way to learning them for yourself. And as time goes by, maybe you yourself will make one of the most valuable videos about it that ever existed!! Teamwork is a hell of a thang!

PS: The 4th position is not just for "Blues". The first time I ever saw it being done was when I witnessed a video of Marc Savoy, playing along with D L Menard and I forget the fiddler that was there with them. The accordion sound and method of play for the song they were performing was very different and ear catching. The name of the song was "Jolie Blond". If I didn't watch that video 50 times trying to figure it out, I didn't watch it once! It was in this process, that I became aware of the 4th position. It is only at this recent time that I myself am able to play in the "4th" at will without my fingers tripping over my fingers and fighting my muscle memory and mind every step of the way. No body said it was easy, but once you master it....consider yourself an accordion wielding weapon master. Ready to take on just about anything them fiddlers can throw at you.

It's not sexual like "karma sutra", lol, but more like accordion "Kung Fu". And when you learn all of the Key Positions of play, you don't have to be the work horse anymore at the jam sessions. You simply tell the 40 or more fiddle player jammers that they will be picking the song, calling the key, leading off, and singing it, while you set back, relax, and follow them for a change. Accordion players have had way too much pressure put on them. It's time for we work horses to relax and let somebody else carry the load. We let the Fiddle become the "KING" once again. Long Live The King.

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