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Re: One More Song Before I Go

Excellent Winnemucca! You picked the right accordion to play along with in this case. Playing in the key of "D" of course. The Gypsy Key

Beware The Cajun

The Cajun people are in general, an oppressed, yet seemingly happy people. It is not understood why others would oppress them so. Maybe it is the way their heads are shaped, the clothes they wear, their big ears, the way they speak and carry themselves, or maybe even their closed knit society. But for some unknown reason, other people that do not understand them tend to find fault with them in one way or another either at first glance, or after farther contemplation. Because of this unfair judgment, Cajuns are usually seen and placed at a lower level than the common society would be so crass as to elevate itself to.
From centuries of oppression, the Cajun People have learned how to be very discrete and draw inward unto themselves to a point of habitually relying on no one but themselves. Similar to the Amish. Do not make the mistake of assuming that they are a hostile people. For if you were to walk into their camp and simply treat them with respect, they'd immediately take you in as "potentially" one of their own. "Potentially". Since the Cajuns have suffered from so much oppression throughout history, they remain very wary of an outsider from the moment the outsider draws near to the Cajun's circle. They know better than to trust fully. They've learned what types of disaster that such full trusting can lead to.
You could relate the Cajuns to another type of people that has survived within our history. This other discrete, yet crafty and untrusting race is that of the Gypsy. Picture yourself walking upon a Gypsy camp and you see that they do not notice you. As you crouch down to watch them, you begin to question whether or not you even want to go into their camp. They look different. They're not like you. Their clothes separates them from you and your people. Their camp even smells different. You feel like an outsider to the Gypsy circle, just like you see them as outsiders to your own people. Then you see an old man in the camp walk to the center wagon and he starts to play a violin, and all the people of the Gypsy camp run to surround him. The music is beautiful! You feel yourself heavy hearted and want to cry. You are overcome with joy at the same time. The people of the camp are dancing, laughing, and singing to this beautiful fiddle music and you cannot help but to uproot yourself from behind the bushes and walk right into their camp to join into this beautiful event! A beautiful Gypsy girl grabs you by the hands gesturing a dance. She pulls you within the group of other dancers and before you know it they are all smiling at you and accepting you without question. They offer you drink and food and you are so happy that you have come upon these people. It is pure bliss!
The next morning, you wake up naked, cold, and disoriented in the middle of nowhere. All your clothes, coin, and other worldly possessions are gone. There's no wagons, fires, or Gypsies anywhere around to be seen. And That!, my friend, is because they saw you hiding in the bushes outside of their camp watching them and making a suspicion out of yourself. You just thought they didn't see you coming. From the moment that old man walked over to that wagon with his fiddle, you were being put to the test. You were both potential enemy and potential friend to them.
The reason you woke up naked was not the fault of the Gypsy Band. No, it was because you got yourself so drunken as to assume you could take advantage of that beautiful Gypsy girl that danced with you. You figured that these people were friendly enough and they wouldn't mind if you had your way with one of their women later that night. After all, she was giving you all the signs! But later, after you had ripped off all of yours and her clothes in a mad sexual frenzy, she screamed one word, "NO!"
And that's the last thing you remember.

The Gypsy Elders and their men had gathered outside of her tent waiting for her to signal if you were truly friend or foe.

Beware The Cajun

Re: One More Song Before I Go

Did I mention I lived in Winnemucca,Nevada from July 23, 1954 until August 24, 1957?

Re: One More Song Before I Go

Did you see anything else besides man made aircraft flying around there? You know, the stuff they don't talk about? LOL, don't answer that.

Re: One More Song Before I Go

What is this - nonsense week?

Re: One More Song Before I Go

Not nonsense..
1. It was there I first took an interest in playing a musical instrument.. UKULELE.. as the teacher was HOT!. Me at 9 years old.. she at about 20 something. I bought my own uke with my own money. An all solid wood mahogany job made by FAVILLA.. superior to Martin in every way.(no butt joints)

2. And yes, there were bizarre happenings in Nevada at that time. So much so we had drills where you crouch under your desk..This was the duck and cover and kiss your AXX goodbye position.

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