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Re: One More Song Before I Go

Did you see anything else besides man made aircraft flying around there? You know, the stuff they don't talk about? LOL, don't answer that.

Re: One More Song Before I Go

What is this - nonsense week?

Re: One More Song Before I Go

Not nonsense..
1. It was there I first took an interest in playing a musical instrument.. UKULELE.. as the teacher was HOT!. Me at 9 years old.. she at about 20 something. I bought my own uke with my own money. An all solid wood mahogany job made by FAVILLA.. superior to Martin in every way.(no butt joints)

2. And yes, there were bizarre happenings in Nevada at that time. So much so we had drills where you crouch under your desk..This was the duck and cover and kiss your AXX goodbye position.

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