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Willie Durriseau Fiddler

Anyone out there aware of him, know him, have seen him play.?

Here's and article about the 100 Year Old Creole Fiddler.


Re: Willie Durriseau Fiddler

Now that is notable! Willie Durriseau is a sleeper. He didn't get elevated to hero status by the public and the fans for whatever reason. Maybe they didn't like his playing? He wasn't at the right place at the right time? He didn't want to be discovered?

I wish he would have elaborated on when the fiddle met the accordion, and more detail on how they got along or didn't. And how exactly the accordion supposedly stole the "Kingship". Taught Clifton Cheniere? Well, that's pretty awesome of a claim. His seed or "student" sure did make a whole lotta fruit!

I say, the fiddle is "Still King", he's just subdued for now.

Re: Willie Durriseau Fiddler

In his era, there were a lot of musicians that didn't play in dance halls or were ever recorded. Many died and no one knew of them except their friends and family.

Re: Willie Durriseau Fiddler

Living history - I love it. Thanks for that Jeff.

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