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Larry Miller Accordian For Sale?

hi all!

we bought this used from larry miller around 8 years ago.

just looking for any help identifying and pricing it to sell.

bought it for my daughter to play but she prefered the piano!

will try to find out the key it is in.

thanks in advance!

Re: Larry Miller Accordian For Sale?

Likely made by Charlie Ortego

If you have a piano... push middle C

On the accordion (Accordeon) not accordiAn...

push the third button from your chin.....

and with the bellows stretched out still holding the third button in
push the bellows in and see if the notes match....

If not find the B flat on the piano and do the same thing..
if not find the D.

Or get a guitar tuner and hold it near the right side of the accordion on d push on the third button and see what you get.

I'm interested in the accordeon .

Re: Larry Miller Accordian For Sale?

hi jeff,

did some further investigation yesterday and you are correct, charlie ortego. it is also definitely in the key of C, confirmed by my daughter’s music teacher.

thank you so much for your kindness in your post.

i’m not sure how this forum works but absolutely feel free to send an offer for it.

thanks again!

Re: Larry Miller Accordian For Sale?

Without seeing it or playing it..
My offer is $100..
Send some info and photos and we can talk.

The way this works is you set a price.


Re: Larry Miller Accordian For Sale?

can’t seem to find contact info for you. email me please. thanks

Re: Larry Miller Accordian For Sale?

My family has been looking for another one of pawpaw Charlie's accordions to surprise my grandmother with. Charlie was her father.

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