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Re: Moving ON ?

Another reason for the decline/demise of this website is the same as many others to include the fenderforum


Re: Moving ON ?

David Sousa
Have suggested using phpBB, which is easy and free, and *way* better than BraveNet.

I have spoken with Big Nick about this, and he's OK with it. The only hangup is whether there is any way to convert all of our existing conversations to the new format or not. phpBB definitely has a way to convert or import from other forum formats, but it is unclear whether Bravenet can be handled that way.

If it can't, I think we could still adopt the new software. We could keep this old one online, but add a big link at the top to the new one so that folks can find it. Oh, and make the old one read-only, so we don't lose anything but folks would be "encouraged" to move to the new format.

I'd be happy to take these steps, but I'd need some help from Big Nick to do certain things which would require admin access.
What about shutting off the posting ability to this site completely. Open a new forum on phpBB and put a link on that site back to this one which would strictly be for reading. Treat it as an "archive". A forum for one of my (many) other hobbies did something similar and even renamed the "old" forum the ********forumArchive (.com). It is still searchable to go back and read the old info but nobody (including spammers) can post anything new there.

Re: Moving ON ?

Hi everyone been real busy lately and trying to learn Ossun Two Step!
I can understand y'alls frustration but why let the dopers win? All of y'all was here first! For newer guys like me I enjoy talking to the older guys and trying to learn new stuff from y'alls experience. Just my two cents but with that and $2 i can buy a Dr. Pepper. Any tips on Ossun would be appreciated.
Jeff Hildreth, you should have said gladly not sadly while I like picking with you without your light who's going to lead the way?
Your friend,

Re: Moving ON ?

Thanks, very funny.

Melodeon net switched over to another host and they put a link to the old site..
Worked well.

Just say NO to drugs.

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

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