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Re: Moving ON ?

Hi everyone been real busy lately and trying to learn Ossun Two Step!
I can understand y'alls frustration but why let the dopers win? All of y'all was here first! For newer guys like me I enjoy talking to the older guys and trying to learn new stuff from y'alls experience. Just my two cents but with that and $2 i can buy a Dr. Pepper. Any tips on Ossun would be appreciated.
Jeff Hildreth, you should have said gladly not sadly while I like picking with you without your light who's going to lead the way?
Your friend,

Re: Moving ON ?

Thanks, very funny.

Melodeon net switched over to another host and they put a link to the old site..
Worked well.

Just say NO to drugs.

Jamey Hall's most excellent Cajun Accordion Music Theory

Brett's all new Cajun Accordion Music Theory for all keys!

LFR1.gif - 1092 Bytes The April 2011 Dewey Balfa Cajun & Creole Heritage Week

augusta.gif - 6841 Bytes

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