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Re: Good News Folks!

Hey Greezy are you sure you didn't agree to middle man for his business so you could use the extra coin to pay for some lessons from Steve?

Re: Good News Folks!

Pahahah, Steve is welcome to come to my house for free. And then, we would only take out the accordions toward the end after we had sat and talked the whole time with a little help from some whiskey and coke. Then I would ask him to show me his 4 ways(keys) of playing Jolie Blond on one accordion. Then, I would show him my 5 ways. It might help him to realize that there are "sleepers" out there in Cajun land that can play accordion just like they ringin a bell, yet we don't have the looks, charisma, the hook up, nor the stomach for the big show. Hey, I wouldn't charge him nothing. It would all be for free. I'd even feed him a got dam good gumbo! I might even teach him how to speak a lil Cajun French, maybe take him frogging in the back on Bayou Que Tortue. LOL

Re: Good News Folks!

hey Greezy, i'll bring the Jim Beam . . . and my accordion.

Re: Good News Folks!

I got some Maker's Mark with the red wax seal on the bottle. It's cheap and gives Crown a run for it's money. But some Jim Beam might just do too. LOL All that whiskey might just make me play a certain song for you. A song only passed down amongst my people. I am currently the only one who knows it. For all the ones that knew it before me have passed away. A song that shows the highest skills with the key of G on the C accordion(2nd position on the pull)no modulation but it uses all 10 buttons. It has no equal and bares the true, pure essence of what it is to be a Cajun accordion player. It has never been given a name. Crazy huh? But yes, it exists. And it exists for one reason and one reason only..........but I'd need a whole lotta whiskey to say why.

Now you might ask, why did I even talk about it then? Well, because it lets you and others know that there is hope for the small time (nobody) Cajun accordion player that is left out in the cold to learn on his or her own. I heard the song twice in my life. Once when I was a young kid and the other after I got my first accordion at age 20 something. It took me nearly 26 years to hunt and peck it out from the memory of those two occasions. That single song was the "Keystone Song" for me. It is responsible for both driving me occasionally insane and bringing me peace of mind at the same time. It was the one song that has driven me to learn accordion all these years. Do you have a "KeyStone Song"? Everybody should.

Re: Good News Folks!

I am surprised you didn't ask him if can play a Cajun accordion in the 4 positions of a C accordion

Re: Good News Folks!

yes I can !

Re: Good News Folks!

My last comment went right over your head didn't it Jer? Very important information and you, because of your negative posture missed it completely and totally. Poor guy. It seems to me that your pineal gland has stopped producing the proper amount of serotonin. What could have caused such a thing to happen to you brother. Do you swallow your toothpaste?

Re: Good News Folks!

didn't go over my head, I walked all over it and wiped my muddy feet with it

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