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Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

I hear you C.J.. I've been there brother let me tell you! Being left out in the cold by someone you admired. Steve has the disadvantage of being the Phenom he is. Even though many consider him the Messiah, he cannot be in all places at once and know all the answers. Who knows, it may actually be him and he will read and study these comments and decide to come clean and tell all.

The story of the Messiah was told and passed on to billions of people since it began. It may have been a story designed to give hope in a God that resides in the ether above us, or even inside us with our souls, but there's something else the Messiah is being used for that you need to know about....
To make money off of the very people that would seek hope and glory because of said Messiah.

Jesus was a humble and wise(man)(not a god), and he would give wisdom freely albeit cryptically because he so got dam wise. But he did not like the money changers and the money counters. In fact I think he even went to cussin and throwin furniture and beating the living s*** out of some people for selling wares in the temple.

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

Greezy, dude that's deep!

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

Yeah I remembered the numbering you said intro in g then you wrote the rest as CDGCD was wondering if you was calling little low and big high

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

I'm sitting here laughing my ass off at you Sleezy. Your mouth must be as big as the Parish you live in. As long as you have been "blowing your horn" you have never posted a video of anything of what you can actually do. No one believes a ******* thing you say and if they do they are dumber than the box you crawled out of. Steve, nor I nor anyone else has to prove one ******* thing to you. You owe it to the followers to come out of your imaginary closet post something. But that won't happen because just like the name you use and all the bull **** you sling, you are just a phony and a coward. You aren't worth the time people put in reading the bull**** you post. Mr Know it all and show nothing

Jerry L. Moody

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

Jerry, "Greezy McGill" is the exact reason I am able to post such controversial subjects that need to be addressed. If it wasn't for me, there would be no one to stop the madness! The madness I'm speaking of is that of a carrot being hung off a stick with a string for accordion players like you. You are made to jump and nip and pay for little bits of the carrot, but the carrot is always kept mostly out of your reach. Not with me, I will hold you down and shove that freakin carrot down your gullet until you either learn to stop chasing carrots or you learn how to grow your own got dam carrots! You understand brother? What's got the best of you is that I didn't fall for your BS early in the game. That's because I knew you and your kind. I keep telling you, you and me, we're the same. You cannot fool your own shadow. LOL cryptic aint it?

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

Just shut the **** you phony asswipe. What truth? That you really can't play? That you are a lonely asswipe and you are looking for friends with your fingers? I am really tired of you trying to make more out nothing. Your steam engine is running out of coal. Expose yourself and remove all doubt or crawl back into your undesirable life

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

I am not your brother. I don't eat carrots, I don't chase carrots. Your opinion of me is none of my business. Your a ***** plain and simple. Crawl back into your rabbit hole. I never claimed to be an "accordion player" you did. I play the accordion, nothing to write home about but that's just fine with me. It's not about the accordion though is it Sleezy? It's about your ego, that has no one around to sooth it for you. Go stroke it yourself.

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

Sleezy is this C.J. Cron your new fake name?

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

NO it is NOT, I am someone else who grew-up in the fine and awesome state on Louisiana. please don't involve me into yall's petty bickering,thankyou

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons


Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

It's a shame that a professional accordion player can't post something constructive on here without a load of silly old goats going ahead and locking horns. Think I'll just read the drug ads instead.

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

Eventually, jerry's going to push me to the edge and I will state the obvious. Jerry, I've seen you play. Don't make me state the obvious BROTHER.

Yes, you're right AJ, it's a got dam shame.

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA don't you know drugs will end you?

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons

if sleezy mc**** thinks I give a rats ass about his opinion of my accordion playing he best go back to pulling his pud. I have never claimed to be an "accordion" player, I just play the accordion. And for all the regular smart asses on here I am the only one to write and record an original song. I wrote I didn't steal it. I wrote it and I did not include "te m'a quitté pur ton aller" I wrote and I have received positive comments from all the jocks playing it. My song will become a standard during Mardi Gras. Oh and just to let you all know it was sung in Cajun French. Playing the accordion is not about playing in 4 different position. It's about belonging to the music. I belong. So go ahead you counterfeit ego ***** criticize my playing. Just remember boys and girls this **** face has never posted one god**** video, not even a picture and the skin flute player continues to hide his identity.

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons And Back To You Steve

Steve, considering "modulation"....I have some songs below that you could show your students. I'm sure the concept of "modulation" would come very clear to them if'n you would introduce them to these songs. This would also, perhaps, introduce them to the concept of how one song turns into another when recording artists don't have what it takes to create anew, but instead, borrow from another, change what was borrowed, and parakeet it into something seemingly new. Maybe you could explain to them how the songs below effected your path to playing Cajun accordion also?

Here is Steve playing Sur le Courtableau on a "D" accordion. Modulation goes from "A" to "D".

And here we go with Steve playing Sur le Courtableau on Nathan's "C" accordion. Modulation goes from "G" to "C". Notice that singing in the key of "C" is not Steve's preferred key in this case.

And then we have Nathan Abshire doing Sur le Courtableau on that same "C" accordion. Notice how he doesn't even bother to modulate, but only stays in the key of "G" on the accordion.

And next we have Lawrence Walker! But he's playing a seemingly different song on a "C" accordion with the modulations from "G" to "C" on the "Mamou Two Step". Wow, who'da known?! And note how Steve and Lawrence sort of favor each other in appearance. LOL.

And for good measure and to put the icing on the cake, we have Doug Kershaw playing "The Mamou Two Step" on a "D" accordion. Here is my gift to you. You play along with his version, but you use your "C" accordion! But get this...you will be playing in the C(C,D,_,F,G,A)2nd key of "D", formerly known as the 4th position Gypsy key, then you will modulate to the 5th key of "A", formerly known as the 5th impossible position. Maybe Steve or even Jerry could explain it better if you're not on board with this. They have a better way of presenting things for some reason. Maybe it's their Irish background.

Messonic isn't it? Possibly Illuminiah. LOL

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons And Back To You JNightshade

Hey J. Let me give you a mission that will help you to find your "Big" and "Little" "C" on the "C" accordion.

In the video below, Iry Lejeune seems like he's playing two parts in this song. Listen closely and you will hear what sounds like two parts. In point of fact, it's the same part but using a different playing pattern. For the 1st part he's using the big "C" pattern located toward the top of the button board, and for the 2nd part he uses the little "C" pattern located toward the middle and bottom of the button board. If you persevere and learn to play this song properly, you will learn exactly what I mean. Stop, don't rush, listen, play, and repeat. Hunt and peck. It is possible. Don't listen to the *******ized versions of this song that were played improperly by many a chump that just thought they were as good as Iry.

Re: Cajun Accordion lessons And Back To You JNightshade

Oh, and J, if you haven't labeled your valve hole paddles with their perspective push and pull notes yet, now would be a good time. Or else, you'll never catch on to the "Big" and "Little" "C" associated to Iry's Vien Me Chercher and the patterns therein. BTW the bravenet censored a word in my last post. That word was B-A-S-T-A-R-D-I-Z-E-D.

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