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Can Sleezy Mcgill really play the accordion?

Do any of you really believe that Greezy aka Sleezy can really play an instrument? I am not talking about the skin flute I mean an accordion? I don't think he can. He does have a special talent to post a lot of crap that is as useful as ***** on a boar hog, maybe I should spell that bore hog.

Re: Can Sleezy Mcgill really play the accordion?

Jerry, my friend. I have come to maybe help you to understand a few things. Without knowledge combined with the experience of putting such knowledge to use, the fool will always show himself to be a fool.

Without proper information how do we begin to decide or discern what it true or false, right or wrong. The fool can only assume without information, and over and over again proves himself a fool. He is so blinded and ignorant by lack of information, and experience with said information, that he cannot realize his own plight. Those with the proper information and knowing will regard a fool as just that........a person who cannot be helped, but instead left to wonder aimlessly and to suffer.

If you could manipulate or play your accordion as Greezy manipulates his, you would know for absolute certainty that all he says can be proven and demonstrated. Believe this if you believe anything on this earth. McGill will not post anything before thinking it over and over, and actually putting it to practice beforehand. He does not want to mislead. Doing so would bring great discredit upon himself, his forefathers, and his legacy to follow, if any. He is a fourth generation accordion player who was taught very little by the generations before him. He was shown the possibilities and remembers them well, but he was not "taught". He was given the sink or swim option by his elders, which required him to "teach" himself. He is now sharing the information because in his own struggles to learn the Cajun music he has battled with colossal amounts of ignorance, uncertainty, information hoarding, and exploitation by both amateur, professional musician, and professional craftsmen on the unsuspecting potential accordion player. He tells me that he's seen so much of it that he can actually "taste" it in his mouth as or whenever said abominations take place.

The information that he gives,....Does it not ring true within your conscious? By and by, everything that Greezy McGill has posted will be proven true and demonstrated by generation after generation of Cajun and non Cajun accordion players provided they understand and are able to apply the information put forth and also provided that the art does not die off or get watered down by the ignorant that only think they know how to play the Cajun accordion. Yes, there may come a day when he will demonstrate it. That time has not come just yet, but it be nigh and growing more and more necessary every time another fool picks up an accordion and decides to proclaim to the world that he is a Cajun and can play the Cajun accordion when nothing could be farther from the truth.

You see, Greezy does not play the Cajun accordion for money nor fame. He plays it to SAVE IT from non existence!

Re: Can Sleezy Mcgill really play the accordion?

Wow sleezy’s incognito and posting under his other pen name. Long post I hope someone reads it. I won’t waste my time

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

As I said before, things will pick back up in the fall. You can take over the room until then Jerry. Good luck to all and take care. Jerry, here's yer soap box back. I stacked a couple books on it so the people can see you better.

Jerry, here's something for you to elaborate on if you find yourself short of subjects to talk about. I don't want to leave you hanging in that uncomfortable silence that sometimes happens around the BBQ pitt while the fellows are talking and drinkin.

What ever key your accordion was built in, it becomes the #1. Then you just list the following alphabet in order after the "C". Below is an example of a "C" accordion. You indicate the key you want to play in by showing the number on your fingers on one hand to the band after you made sure to tell them what key accordion you're playing on.

"C" Accordion
**of course the number 2 seldom if ever gets used because that's the gypsy key or the 4th position. The number 3 won't get used, because you can't play the key of "E" on a "C" accordion. So be ready to use and or see the numbers 1,4,5 on the bandstand or at the jam.

Jerry, you can go ahead and list the rest of the Accordion keys with their perspective Cajun Nashville Numbers. Remember, you have to be able to signal with one hand! There are no 6's and 7's yet! Unless of course y'all play with no shoes or socks down there in Thibodeaux. Then you'll be able to signal when you're going to be playing that "C" accordion in the key of "A"! (The almost impossible key.) Done with 5 fingers held up and your big toe. LOL

Re: Can Sleezy Mcgill really play the accordion?

in the mean time grab your accordion, no not the Arrette the good one you pretend to have the Hohner 114 and play us a song.

Re: Can Sleezy Mcgill really play the accordion?

Stop misleading the people Jerry, it's an Acadian with HA-114 reeds wet tuned 15cents wet. Parre com Iry Lejeune. Pffff, an ariette, if someone game me an ariette, I'd burn it immediately before it soiled my home.

Re: Can Sleezy Mcgill really play the accordion?

play that ting man the boys all across America and Europe would be ecstatic. They would talk about you many years from now and tell their grand kids how you saved the Cajun accordion music from extinction.

Re: Can Sleezy Mcgill really play the accordion?

Oh, I'm not going to try to save it, it is currently "saved" as long as I'm alive and able to still play the accordion. The ones that follow me on down the line will be trying to save it. (Sorry to say though, it will probably be a very small niche of players that makes the attempt, and they will be located somewhere in south Louisiana, below I-10 and west of Lafayette. I'm only trying to save it from what it's currently becoming. From becoming a commercial and watered down joke. Like our Cajun food has become all over the world.

Re: Can Sleezy Mcgill really play the accordion?

your approach to saving the music is amusing and wasted energy. I do my part in other ways, realizing "saving" it is futile. We can only talk about what it was, how it was developed. How technology and commercialization and influx of outsiders has changed for ever the original work. I do my part with our little program every time we play. We do an entertaining and educational program. We have been thanked for what we do even by many of people from our culture. The heard the music but know nothing else about it. I play the accordion but I have never claimed to be an accordion player. If someone ask for help I have given my time to help with my basic skills. One thing for sure when I play a song on the accordion people know that what's coming out is just the song. So if it makes you happy or gives you a feeling of importance to sling miles of bull**** at some of these people that are interested in our music have a party in your head.

Jerry L Moody-my real name

Re: Can Sleezy Mcgill really play the accordion?

Now you're starting to talk some sense Jerry, but I don't have a problem with feeling important or trying to be important. I just am. LOL, goodnight crazy, it's way past yer bedtime.

Re: Can Sleezy Mcgill really play the accordion?

I don't need anyone to tell me when I should do something

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Well, it’s close but it’s not completely right. The number system is based on key of song, not key of accordion.

So let’s take a C accordion...

Let’s play “When I Was Poor”

When guiding a fellow musician, you would say “in the key of C, 1 and 5 for the chord changes.”

Makes sense? Right? Okay stay with me.

Let’s pkay “Eunice Two Step”

In this case, you are now in the key of G on a C box. This doesn’t affect the number system. You would then say “in the key of G, 1-4-1-5-1... with a 1-5 turnaround.”

I hope this clears things up a little bit. I’ve commented on quite a few posts on other sites and explained to many accordion players how this works. I hope I can be of assistance to other players.

This is how I’ve done it for the past 3 years, showing numerous New Orleans musicians the ways of the Cajun music and its funky chord changes and bar structures.


Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Greezy rebuttals?

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

As a guitar and bass player (and also an intermediate accordion player) I could totally understand Cameron. Not so much Geezy because I think the Nashville system is based on the key of the song as Cameron says.

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Well that's two Greezy,rebuttals?

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

I live in Nashville and yes Cameron is 100% correct, that is the Nashville system

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

More simply, the Nashville numbers are the interval along the scale, regardless of key. 1 is the root, and 4 and 5 are the changes, i.e. the 4th and 5th notes in the scale.

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

yes, exactly.

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Cameron may be correct for his own learned version of the "Numbers System". I specifically said "Cajun Nashville" system. LOL MY system. Not Cameron's system. You folks need to pay closer attention and quit looking for reasons to prove Greezy McGill wrong. All that he (Greezy) gives, yet you act in spite and disrespect.

In my system, you call the main key of the song and any modulation that may occur later in the song, and if the True Cajun Musician is learned as they should be, you don't need to call all those other numbers. The True Cajun Musician who has grown up with these standard songs, and knows them intimately, will know exactly what keys to apply. Apples and Oranges folks.

Like I said, I'll be back in the fall. Cameron, you care to tackle my accusation of only acknowledging that you are part right. Because I've played for hours on end with Cajun musicians that I both knew very well, and some I didn't know at all without calling one single key. That is truth. And it has happened over and over again all through the years of Cajun music being played. Often times no one knew about keys and numbers. They just played by ear albeit in ignorance.

I'll get back to you in the fall.

That's what the Cajun Discussion Group is for, to get to the got dam bottom of issues like this. I'm still open to suggestion, but not whole heartedly.

Hell, we still haven't established whether or not to get rid of or keep the 1st,2nd,3rd,and 4th position thing yet! I still ask, who in the heck came up with such a tutorial? Was it Ann Savoy?

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

It’s not much of a “Cajun Nashville system” if it makes no musical sense. The Nashville system is based on song key.

Yep. The “True Cajun Musician” knows most keys and chord changes, 99% of the time. I’d like to think I’m in that number. I’ve spent countless hours walking into a jam of professional players and amateurs alike all immediately knowing the key and chords with knowing the accordion key.

The topic of preservation seems to be a big deal for you. Why not show other people the gifts of this music? I know for a fact the musicians that I have shown this music to have learned it with great pride and respect for the culture and the music. Sometimes, it pays to be able to explain music across all cultural and musical barriers. (Aka, the Nashville number system).

That’s just my two cents. Not meaning to start any fuss Grwezy, this is a discussion group, right? Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers.

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Because sometimes people just talk to hear themselves talk

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Just my humble thoughts and observations.

This is NOT personal..
though it may appear to be so. Jerry could have another name.

I have exchanged E mails with, and had phone calls with, Jerry Moody.

I do not welcome another contact.

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Nashville number system is based on intervals and not "keys." Period. There is no such thing as a "Cajun number system" except in that Greezydago's head...

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Anyone numbering anything on an instrument breaks my heart. Sorry..

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