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Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Cameron may be correct for his own learned version of the "Numbers System". I specifically said "Cajun Nashville" system. LOL MY system. Not Cameron's system. You folks need to pay closer attention and quit looking for reasons to prove Greezy McGill wrong. All that he (Greezy) gives, yet you act in spite and disrespect.

In my system, you call the main key of the song and any modulation that may occur later in the song, and if the True Cajun Musician is learned as they should be, you don't need to call all those other numbers. The True Cajun Musician who has grown up with these standard songs, and knows them intimately, will know exactly what keys to apply. Apples and Oranges folks.

Like I said, I'll be back in the fall. Cameron, you care to tackle my accusation of only acknowledging that you are part right. Because I've played for hours on end with Cajun musicians that I both knew very well, and some I didn't know at all without calling one single key. That is truth. And it has happened over and over again all through the years of Cajun music being played. Often times no one knew about keys and numbers. They just played by ear albeit in ignorance.

I'll get back to you in the fall.

That's what the Cajun Discussion Group is for, to get to the got dam bottom of issues like this. I'm still open to suggestion, but not whole heartedly.

Hell, we still haven't established whether or not to get rid of or keep the 1st,2nd,3rd,and 4th position thing yet! I still ask, who in the heck came up with such a tutorial? Was it Ann Savoy?

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

It’s not much of a “Cajun Nashville system” if it makes no musical sense. The Nashville system is based on song key.

Yep. The “True Cajun Musician” knows most keys and chord changes, 99% of the time. I’d like to think I’m in that number. I’ve spent countless hours walking into a jam of professional players and amateurs alike all immediately knowing the key and chords with knowing the accordion key.

The topic of preservation seems to be a big deal for you. Why not show other people the gifts of this music? I know for a fact the musicians that I have shown this music to have learned it with great pride and respect for the culture and the music. Sometimes, it pays to be able to explain music across all cultural and musical barriers. (Aka, the Nashville number system).

That’s just my two cents. Not meaning to start any fuss Grwezy, this is a discussion group, right? Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers.

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Because sometimes people just talk to hear themselves talk

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Just my humble thoughts and observations.

This is NOT personal..
though it may appear to be so. Jerry could have another name.

I have exchanged E mails with, and had phone calls with, Jerry Moody.

I do not welcome another contact.

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Nashville number system is based on intervals and not "keys." Period. There is no such thing as a "Cajun number system" except in that Greezydago's head...

Re: Before I go, The Cajun Nashville System in a Nutshell

Anyone numbering anything on an instrument breaks my heart. Sorry..

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