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Re: top this sleezy

Steve Riley will tell you "less is more" I have talked to him several times about my playing and he always says that. If you don't have his beginner DVD get it. Some really good stuff in it

Re: top this sleezy

I've got a big nick and a dirk powell and a greg benusa plus my books and cds. Also took the opportunity he offered here. Try to do 20 minutes in the morning before I leave for work then in the evening I don't really time it just till I gotta go to bed.

Re: top this sleezy

I do too but the beginner Steve Riley is the best

Re: top this sleezy

May check out the intermediate 9ne next plus I got to sit down with Step Rideau and taped him also it's coming together my main problem is staying in time

Re: top this sleezy

My wife learned to play rhythm guitar for me. She is awesome on timing

Re: top this sleezy

Timing is everything! I know, 'cause I ain't got it!

If only I had practiced with a metronome consistently...

Re: top this sleezy

Come on Ned I subscribed to your channel we both know you got timing down. Plus been on stage. I'll catch up to you one day.

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