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Video Challenge

It seems as though our discussions are not what they used to be, thus I propose that we try to revive the activity patterns of the past that built this forum.

At age 69, I started from scratch on the Cajun accordion, and this forum was vibrant and helpful with frequent postings at all skill levels. It was a lot more fun then. Slowly, my skills have improved, largely with help from this group.

I propose that we start posting our practice videos from time to time for others to view and critique. (Greezy, of course, would be exempt, having skills we can only read about.)

Showing off to gleen attaboys doesn't count. Give us you best shot, and let's talk about what's working and what needs attention. It will help you along on your journey. Bashfulness and thin skin won't advance your cause.


Beginners: Don't be shy. Post up something. I'll make you a DEAL: For the first beginner to post put up on this board, I will post one of my early efforts that WILL MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD!

Mais, Lampshade, how 'bout you? Giddy up!

Re: Video Challenge

Having my lady make me a YouTube page right now get ready for a sloppy kinda by ear Ossun Two Step

Re: Video Challenge

Ok Ned go to YouTube and type in super sloppy Ossun two Step and fire away my skin is pretty thick

Re: Video Challenge

OK Lamplighter, making good on my promise here is a well-wrought attempt to completely embarrass myself. I'm not sure the song, but it sounds like "Step It Fast" at times. However, I don't think I had heard the song at this stage in my musical career (Zero+4 weeks).

Re: Video Challenge

Nightcap, here's my attempt at breaking out the components of the Ossun Two Step. It's a hard song, and you might want to consider learning an easier one with which you can find quicker, more pleasing results. You build confidence when you learn a song that you can play easily, and it becomes a building block for more complex tunes.

Re: Video Challenge

I'm trying to get it to work but it's not showing anything

Re: Video Challenge

Here are the links:

My early video:

Ossun Two Step breakdown

Lache pas!

Re: Video Challenge

Got it to work will be trying it tomorrow after work THANK YOU!!!!!
I was a pretty good ways off from my playing

Re: Video Challenge

Mr. Nightshade a noble effort but may I make a suggestion. Forget the octaves for now. Use as few fingers as possible to get the tune and its rhythm. And listen to Lawrence Walker. Use slowdown software and copy the sounds on your accordion. This is all about ears and not eyes.

Re: Video Challenge


I visit this discussion page every once and a while just to have a feel about the subjects being discussed.
By coincidence today I just saw this subject 'video challenge' and only a couple of weeks ago we (our belgian new cajun band 'The occajunals') posted a song on youtube 'Jongle à moi catin'.
So I take the opportunity to 'present' this video on the discussion group, page.
Up till now we just had 2 successful gigs, a third one coming up on September 1st.
Hope you enjoy it and I'm keen on having any feedback on this video.
What you see is a video made at one of our band rehearsals...

kind regards, Jos (from Belgium)

Here you find the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGbWjoV_c6M

Re: Video Challenge

Hey Jos,

I recall meeting back in 2012 at Balfa Camp in Ville Platte. Nice to see you again.

Jongle a Moi is one of my favorites, and I think you guys do it well. Good rhythmic feel and some pretty sporty accordion, too!

That's a pretty big band, so you either have to command a sizeable performance fee, or the players have to work cheap.


Re: Video Challenge

Hy Nedro,
Thanks for your reaction.
Back in 2012 I had a nice time over there...
As I said in my posting we’re just starting, and we’re mainly doing this for fun, most of us being
retired. So we’re still working on getting things right (rythm, vocal harmony, choice of tunes, ...).
We will see where this leads us into.
I’m considering attending Augusta in 2019, together with a few members of our band.
How are you doing? And how is bravenet doing? Looking at some postings it’s not looking positive...

Grts, Jos

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