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Re: sleezy

I video challenged so we'll see what happens next

Re: sleezy

I watched your video it's a start.To repeat Steve Riley less is more. single button and slow. It's a good habit to curl your fingers and keep them on the buttons as much as possible. Applying equal pressure on the bellows pushing and pulling will reduce the choppiness. I am sure the resident expert where ever he or she is we really don't know it's gender do we? would agree with these basic suggestions. LOL

Re: sleezy

Alright cool I'll work on both songs and try it again by the end of the week

Re: Grand Master Greezy

Pahahahahah Jerry. Steve Riley saying, "Less is More."

Do you realize that the way Steve Riley can play is anything BUT, "less is more".

Oh, he'll do that single button thing on stage so's you only see the basics and so's WE THAT KNOW don't judge him for showing off, but when it comes to recording and peacocking a little, he plays doubles and triples constantly with a little single button play mixed in here and there. Come on man, don't tell me that you don't know this?!

For a player to only play singles, never allows him or her to ever truly understand their accordion and what it is capable of in the hands of the right player. Much less teach anyone else how to understand their accordion. Oh yeah, there are some awesome and quick players that play mostly single button style. Matter a fact, I knew two brothers that learned together as they grew up. They learned from their uncle and their mother. In their old age, one brother played mostly single button style while the other played all kinds of tricky sh** and doubles out the A**. Yet their was always the debate and private little war in our community as to who was the best. It was understood by people that knew them, that they were both great players, but who was the best always haunted the conversations.

The younger brother was a wonder to watch play the accordion with all of his tricks, and he had a great presentation with fingers and body(happy face style), but he had an attitude that rubbed people the wrong way and a cockiness that even to this day is stuck to the memory of his life.

The older brother played basic single buttons, but accurate as O Hell!. He also had a great presentation with fingers and body(happy face style), but he had two things more that his younger brother didn't have. He was known to be a very helpful and hardworking man with an attitude that was hard to beat.

So, why not be the player that can do all of that and more?

Note: both brothers rarely sang. In fact, I never heard either one of them utter one single French word in song. They both spoke fluent Cajun French and English. English because they were forced to learn it so their children wouldn't get beaten in school by the English teachers. Learned English so they could teach their children how to at least ask in English how to be excused to go to the got dam outhouse! Otherwise, they would be ignored by the teacher if they asked in French and left to urinate in their pants and dresses.

Note: The teaching style of these brothers was to play their best song for you at a speed and presentation that melted your face off, and then they'd hold out the accordion for you to give it a try. It was absolutely laughable to be the one that was having that black accordion shoved at you after witnessing them do what they had just done with it. So much pressure that I personally would just shake my head "no" and laugh. They would usually laugh back at me. "Sink or Swim boy!" or "You GOT Tuhhh, Sock it to Em!"

Re: Grand Master Greezy

I read the first sentence and that's all anyone needs to read. I noticed you picked this one to come out of hibernation, however. Your typical chicken **** way of picking what you will respond to is comical. I did post a challenge for you the other day, you hid like a roach until the lights come on

Re: Grand Master Greezy

Therein lies yer problem Jer. You don't comprehend because you don't finish or you avoid reading because of premature judgement. You and I are not only on a different page at this point, but I see that we aren't even reading the same book nor in the same language. But we're in the same library! LOL

If books don't have pictures, do you avoid reading them? Ie; your fixation with videos as being the first and foremost means of proof. Yet not the written or typed word?

Now, I shall stoop to your level and belittle my own image for the sake of your understanding Mr Moody...........

I know what I represent in your eyes. I am the "new" next level that comes directly from the old original line. In your eyes, I am unproven and unworthy. In reality, 3 to 5 levels beyond your current reach as far as Cajun accordion playing goes. The levels which you have never been able to achieve on your own and in your limited time in this life. This means more hard work for you and a shattering of your current paradigm. That's what upsets some accordion players in this world. When they find out that after all of their hard work, passion, time, and expense, some random, unknown guy shows up who can play accordion way better with little or no effort. "The Best and The Better". You thought that you were a good enough player and you had set yourself up to rub elbows with all these big hitter popular accordion players in order to claim yourself something more than what you truly were and still are not. I notice a pattern with you Jerry. You never miss the opportunity to elevate yourself by bringing others down. (Automatic Narcissism)It is a tool that I am very familiar with. You "forced" yourself, bought or purchased your way into the Cajun music scene. You were not invited nor ever really accepted by those WHO KNEW. You ride the backs or tie yourself to popular Cajun music figures that have proven themselves worthy to the sheep that would recognize them as accomplished and "better". You scoff at what you do not and choose not to understand. That is willful ignorance and self preserving manipulation of reality Jer, at the expense of others. The worst kind of person in my book. I myself, will often check people and even bring them out from their current beliefs only to give them another view point that will make them see in a better "light" if they would only apply it. Sort of like the devil does. You though, you offer little and take a lot. You're a parasite of sorts. Similar to intestinal worms or a common cockroach. I also notice that you don't get along well with actual true blood Cajuns Jerry. You know, "Common Cajun musicians". Were you treated poorly by some of them at some point? Did they not "play" well with you at some point in the past? What's up wit dat?

Sorry to be so harsh, but you had it coming. I will go away for a while now. Possibly forever. You have made me feel unwelcome here. I will keep my knowledge mostly to myself from now on. Maybe save it for a local Cajun player who shows interest in learning and understanding the accordion the right way. I had so much more to share with the bravenet. So much more to put into this archive. Probably would have eventually posted a video or two. Maybe the BLUEMAX would have even posted his accordion riff(s). But not anymore. I will continue on my own, and with the help of a few close friends, archive my learnings on cassette tape, video, in writing, and by "in person" live presentations when the proper time and opportunities presents themselves. All of which you shall never see. Not in this lifetime anyways. For if I see you in the crowd, I will not play a single note on that accordion so that you cannot gain from what I have learned and was willing to offer for free. I shall do to you what Walter Mouton once did to me and act toward you in the most selfish and asinine of ways because he wrongfully deemed me unworthy and not deserving because I was related to one of his enemies and rivals. Little did he realize what he had done when he did that! You "shall not pass" or benefit in any way what so ever from my abilities on the accordion were not his words, but his actions. He is the reason why I was more than willing and able to give all of the Cajun accordion players secrets up for absolutely free to everyone both Cajun and non Cajun. That was until you came along Jerry and worked very hard to shut me up and steer credibility away from me. And so you shall do without. What a got dam shame!

You would do well to look upon your own self Mr."Moody" and make an honest attempt to pass judgement on what you see. Humble yourself down and elevate yourself up and out of your abrasive attitude and current state of ignorance. You have only so many years left to accomplish this. For in your next life, you shall be a traveling woman with bad teeth and hairy legs, who can only play the Cajun triangle off beat, too loudly, and out of rhythm, but who shows up at every jam session, lol. Better "git tew it" my old Brother!

Yours True and Humble,
Grand Master McGill
"They tell me that I've been on this planet many lifetimes before."
"At first I liked that idea." "Now, not so much."

Re: Grand Master Greezy

where is your original song and accordion skills. Anyone can use a keyboard and brag about being a master accordion player but only us novice players actually put what we can do on film. Come on you bragging ass. Post something we just can't wait any longer

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