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Thumb Strap Leather

Hi .

I have stretched my thumb strap to the point I have to tighten with thread of skinny nylon tie on my HA-114's

Is there a leather out there that does NOT stretch? If so where could it be obtained.?

I have noticed that the nylon strap that is fixed to most Velcro straps does not stretch or at least none that I have seen.. any tried something like that ?

Any other ways to anchor the thumb strap and not have it enlarge?


Re: Thumb Strap Leather


Re: Thumb Strap Leather

Thanks again

I think I am going to try VELCRO the loop side.. Velcro does NOT stretch..

Re: Thumb Strap Leather

I stopped using thumb straps 30 years ago.

Shoulder strap only.
Better control, better playing...

Re: Thumb Strap Leather

Well that's great that you stopped using thumb straps.. 30 years ago.. Geez I have to catch up to you. lol

I fixed the straps.. Shortened them up punched in 2 holes and used Chicago Screws to install..
They were stretched quite a bit... Work great now.. Did my D and C box

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