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Re: HA-114 Bass paddle springs


Re: HA-114 Bass paddle springs

Hi Jeff

Thanks for the link.. Yes I ordered a set of springs for the paddle button connection from Charlie of there.. also for the spoons.. I replaced all of the springs on the button side..

I find the spoon springs to be brittle and still broke after not too long. I used up the last one the other day.. I have adjusted the paddles and put foam under them where my fingers hit to help them hitting the box.. Seems to help I will find out soon.

thanks for the link

I still want to try safety pin OR might try winding them myself using piano wire for the bass side. I have to figure that out tho. Way back there was a post about making them. Forget who it was. sorry !!

Re: HA-114 Bass paddle springs

I suggest going to the melodeon.net discussion group (not xenophobic) and open to all manner of diatonic boxes..
Ask your questions there.

I have an HA 112 in pieces... someone tried to modify the reed blocks and it is now FUBAR..

Are you in the states ?

Re: HA-114 Bass paddle springs

No Im not in the States... Canada !

Re: HA-114 Bass paddle springs

Making your own springs is very easy if you get some good piano wire. Safety pins used to commonly used, but now are made of unreliable quality metals. Order from the source Jeff provided, or make your own. Really no big deal to make, and probably several videos on it on Youtube.

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