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Good Starter Box

Dane Tyson of Chicago has listed his Dove handmade accordion on Facebook for $600 with hard case plus shipping. Here's a link to his Youtube demo:


This would be a good deal for someone looking to get started without breaking the bank.

Re: Good Starter Box

Thanks, Ned. Actually, it was your Video Challenge that inspired me to create the YouTube advertisement for that accordion. My demos are a bit clumsy, I'm afraid -- partially because I haven't played that box for quite a while, but mostly because I'm still very much a beginner on the instrument.

What I am selling is a Dove Cajun accordion in the key of C, handmade in the 1980s (and later refurbished) by Mr. Rufus Foreman of Sunset, Louisiana. It's not a Savoy or a Martin or a Poullard, but it's a nice starter LA box (and better than the Chinese alternatives) if you're not quite ready to invest $2500+ in one of those. I bought this second hand in late 2015 (having caught the bug at Festivals Acadiens), and after playing with it for 3 months I was committed enough to buy an Acadian.

Asking price is $600 + shipping - same as what I paid for it.

Feel free to message me for more info. Lots of pics available and I'm happy to answer any questions.

Re: Good Starter Box

Youre getting some good exposure. Cameron just put it up on Facebook.

Re: Good Starter Box

Just wish I could figure out how to embed the YouTube here. I'm using the old BB code approach (the word "youtube" in brackets surrounding the URL), and the YouTube box shows up fine but won't link to the actual YouTube video.

Can anyone advise me on what I'm doing wrong?

Re: Good Starter Box

Try this:


Re: Good Starter Box

Thanks, Ned. A lot more complicated than it used to be, but your suggestion did the trick.

Re: Good Starter Box

youtube between brackets []

The URL like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpORphvURZ8

/youtube between brackets [] (don't forget the /)

Old video for the challenge :blush:

Re: Good Starter Box

Thanks, Meloderon.

I had the youtube and brackets part right, but the form of the URL you provided is very specific, and is slightly different both from what shows up in the address bar in my browser as well as from what YouTube provides (under "Share") as the weblink.

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