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Out of curiosity

How important is it be a master accordion player? For me it's not high on my list. There are so many wonderful accordion players in south Louisiana that have never played with a band or recorded a single cover song. So what is important? Well for me it's to play the song as well as you can and that people who know our music know it from the very beginning. What is important is to know the lyrics, as they were recorded years ago. That is what my wife and focus on, we want people from different parts of the world that understand French, understands what we are singing. Don't settle for just being the best accordion player, work as hard on knowing the songs. Our music is not just about the accordion, it's about what really makes it, the little histories in the songs that we sing. Iry Lejeune brought the accordion back into the Cajun music dance halls after recording Love Bridge waltz and Evangeline Special, to me he saved the language. Musicians, like Lawrence Walker, Austin Pitre, Adam Hebert, Voris Berzas and many more wrote songs that were meaningful. Not just repetitious phrases. My suggestion is to work on the accordion, the fiddle, the guitar and more importantly the lyrics, if you can

Re: Out of curiosity

I thought the preservation of the culture was a given.And you gotta enjoy what you do or don't do it. Lastly I was told if you're scared to get booed off a stage don't even bother climb up on one.

Re: Out of curiosity

saving the culture is the mantra. How can one save a culture when the very people shouting the loudest can't even speak the language. The culture isn't about the accordion. That's another bull**** line

Re: Out of curiosity

And the culture is dying because everyone thinks it's about the accordion, the food, and going buy a Mardi Gras costume to chase chickens.

Just for your own knowledge, I have approached fluent speaking Cajun speakers that I know personally time and time again. They were unwilling and lacked the gumption to teach the language for more than a week's time. They themselves don't even believe in the effort to pass on the language anymore. Like I said.....the culture will not die in the future, because most of it is already dead and dying.

Thanks to Americanization, the commercialism from within, and the English education of our people....

Re: Out of curiosity

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