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Re: Drill for Nightshade

I have a lot of videos from the many lessons I have had. I don't share them and I don't share the music from CD's. The people I have had lessons with earn money to supplement their income. I tell them I won't share the videos and they appreciate it. To use a term from Senator DeSantis you have to pay to see the "monkey" dance.

Re: Drill for Nightshade

I'll be the first to say I've been real fortunate here. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to pay it back or pay it forward I'm sure a opportunity will present itself. As far as Greezy goes I found some of his stuff useful once you got past the hogwash. Is the original version more simplified? I've bought the Lawrence walker cd and listened to it on repeat. Not to be mean but the sound on it is not the best quality.
(That and putting Ossun and Johnny cant dance together half way through the song)
As before thank y'all I couldn't have done it without y'all

Re: Drill for Nightshade

"the sound"? Most of the stuff Lawrence Walker recorded was live and they didn't have sophisticated high tech sound equipment either. The rawness of the older music is what the music and the culture is all about. Not all that fancy **** today.

Re: Drill for Nightshade

You're absolutely right Jerry that's basically what I was saying even though I ramble a bit. That's why my first attempt sounded like it did to me it was pretty close but y'all heard a bunch of stuff in the original version I didn't hear.

Re: Drill for Nightshade

I am d***n near deaf, so I don't hear a lot of things he way others do. However, I find that when I go back to an original song after period of time, there are often nuances that I missed before. Mais, it's a gift dat keeps on giving, dat ol' stuff. Fortunately we have Wade Falcon holding it all together for us!

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