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Re: New video is up

There is absolutely no reason for you to apologize for anything Ned. I ve had more fun these last two weeks messing with this song. The video you're talking about you're in a building with a poster of day of the dead marilyn peeking over your shoulder that's my favorite version. Besides out of three people I asked for the song you and one other have taken the time to explain it. Besides worse comes to worse we'll package it as Ned's Ossun Two Step feat. Nightshade and his sound of downtown renown.LETS FINISH THE SONG! We done come this far don't stop now!

Re: New video is up

Great version played by GOD

Ossun 2 Step

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUqfep1g0W8 ]url]

Re: New video is up

I got a looooonnngggg way to go to get there

Re: New video is up

May "God" forgive me for posting this! In the name of the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit......kneels and ask for forgiveness of wrongdoing.

I actually learned Stever's version note for note and at speed for my first attempt of what I thought was the Ossun. I really wish I could go back in time and erase that part of my accordion playing life. Little did I know that all I had to do was seek out the old Master's version to learn it right! Instead, I learned it from a guy that once wore parachute pants and a mullet cut. Jesus Cripes what was I thinking?!

Oh, the "Ossun" part starts @ 2:34 if you don't feel like listening to all that drivel and codswallop at the beginning.

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