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Re: Lafayette cajun accordion teachers

Steve has in the past had some down time in January for lessons.

Re: Lafayette cajun accordion teachers

I believe Chris Miller has a full-time high school teaching job, which could be good news (he's unlikely to be away touring) or bad news (may be too busy to do private lessons). He's also located about 90 minutes away from Lafayette in Lake Charles (I think).

You might want to check with Wilson Savoy, who lives in Lafayette. He's taught classes and workshops in the past, might be open to private lessons if he's around. But like Steve Riley, he has a pretty busy touring schedule with the Pine Leaf Boys and other ventures.

Re: Lafayette cajun accordion teachers

Blake Miller and John Vidrine are 2 others in the area who come to mind. Blake has lots of teaching experience at Augusta and Balfa Week. John taught Augusta's beginners accordion class this year. Also, Jason Frey (an extraordinary player who previously taught Augusta's beginners accordion class) lives in the general area (Eunice?).

Re: Lafayette cajun accordion teachers

I took lessons with Chad Huval. Awesome teacher!

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