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Re: Cd Steve Riley

Floyds Record Shop the website is flat town music

Re: Cd Steve Riley

I'm sure you could find the first 3 CD's of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys on youtube. But you should also consider learning from the old time greats at the same time which are also on ewe toob. After all, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys took everything the old timers recorded, manipulated the songs and titles and re-presented these old songs as it they were new. "It's so old it's new."

Here is an example. Both done on a "D" accordion key of "A" (on the pull).

By the way, the only CD's of Steve Riley's that are really important are the first three. They are the one's with the least Bb accordion being used to fool the Cajun people into thinking Steve was the best thing to happen to Cajun Music since bottled beer. Mostly "C" and a little bit of "D" accordion play. But if you get good enough, you can decipher that got dam Bb accordion with you "C" accordion by playing it in the key of "F".

Ok, I'm gone away again. Just stopped in to stir the pot so the got dam roux wouldn't burn.

Re: Cd Steve Riley

Again this "no" it all has misrepresented the facts. I can't recall a time hearing Steve Riley cover a song and claim it to be an original by him. To confirm my statement all you have to do is check the credits on the CD. As far as remaking songs Cajun musicians have been doing that since recording began. One example "Mon Blonde est Parti" Which became Jole Blonde in 1933 by the Hackberry Ramblers. Well y'all know the rest of the story. I think it's credit to artist like Steve Riley that can bring back to life these old songs put his signature touches on them and make them good again

Re: Cd Steve Riley

Ok, I'm back. Jerry, when you've studied Steve Riley as much as me, then I'll consider your take on what he and the band done. Were you amongst the Cajun people when "Steve Riley" hit the scene? He was all there was to talk about. Some kind of accordion hero that couldn't be topped all of a sudden. Even the Cajun musicians "accordion players" didn't know what the hell he was doing on that accordion. He was some kind of prodigy according to the what the elders were saying. The young Cajuns in the same generation as Steve Riley thought that his music was new and one of a kind and even likeable enough to start going out to the dancehalls and follow him and the band around. Mostly because he wore Z Cavarichii jeans and the Steve Riley brown suede shoes, and Tommy Hillfigger shirts and could play the accordion! They were the forgotten generation that the elders didn't want to teach the music to. So all of a sudden "we" had this young Steve Riley who could play as good and better than the old timers. How many people started playing accordion after Steve Riley hit the scene? A whole lot, that's how many. His music, style, accordion brand all copied beyond what was reasonable and sensible. They copied instead of learning on their own and making their own style. All them "Steve Rileys" out there doing the same thing trying to do and be what they thought the people wanted. It became a sickness and by some was perceived as sick and a sad thing. The people were hearing this music for the first time, yet it had been around for generations. First the Cajuns, and then people from all over the world. Other bands jumped on the band wagon and left Louisiana to make the big money from the people of other states and other countries that didn't know any better. Steve may have labeled them CD's and gave credit where credit was due, but it was the information that he didn't talk about to his fans that seemed sort of shady. The absolute fact that all that they were recording had already been done before, save a song or two here and there. They (The Boyz), listened to old recordings and changed the key, tempo, title of the song, added modulation, etc., and marketed it as their own. Believe you me, not many of these ignorant people were reading them CD song credits. All they saw was pretty little Steve and the Boyz and their eyes automatically glazed over with worship and praise. Steve never did anything, just hammed it up and took the glory. He's still doing it. With all he knew about playing that accordion, he would later offer tid bits of carrot on a stick for all these accordion players in the form of a DVD featuring him teaching the accordion. LOL, Steve didn't teach hardly anything on them DVDs. He just teased us so that ignorant accordion players would chomp at the bit for more carrot that would never quite satisfy their empty bellies, minds, and souls. But oh how they'd fork up that money for the next DVD when it came out! Yes Jerry, I do just about Know It All. Haven't you realized that yet? Did you not listen to those two videos I posted up there? They prove my point absolutely and in point of fact man! And there are so many other's that I could have posted. Jerry, the reason I can talk about these things is because I could do exactly what Steve Riley done, but I won't. Why? Because like you said, it's been done and continues to be done time and time again. Because I know how to play the accordion like he does and in some cases better. I know what he's hiding from us now. And to think, I was willing to give all those secrets away for free. Yet you choked and scoffed at me and my willingness to give freely. LOL, because I wouldn't let you see my face nor my accordion playing, nor know my real name. Again, a fine example of not being able to read nor retain the meaning of a book that doesn't have pretty pictures in it eh Jerr?

But hey, I'm not even supposed to be here. I must go, I've said too much.

Re: Cd Steve Riley

For once I read your entire diatribe. What I gathered from it is that you are a bitter, jealous, and frustrated wanna be or never was. All your criticisms and judgement of other peoples work doesn't put a nickle in your pocket nor does it benefit anyone that is foolish enough to spend time reading this crap

Re: Cd Steve Riley

Unfortunately for you Jerr, you won't live long enough to see this "wanna be" reveal what is real and true to the young Cajuns in future generations. You'll miss out. Wish you could be there buddy. You're really gonna wanna see this!

Re: Cd Steve Riley

you Pathetic fool

Re: Cd Steve Riley


Re: Cd Steve Riley

HI.. I noticed some replies not close to what you asked for..

Here is where you can order. I order both beginner and intermediate and it arrived quite quickly here in Canada.. You will enjoy it beginner or not..



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good luck !!

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