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Re: loose the dope man

Pahahahaha, Whack-a-mole. The first time I played that game, the game room manager had to ask me to leave the facilities. I got sort of violent in my efforts to hit every got dam mole that was popping up. There were even children crying and running to their mothers for having seen what I was doing to that got dam game! LOL.

Re: loose the dope man

:smiley: You must be a tall tale teller, Greezy! (And instead of fish, most of the times you talk about your accordion playing). :joy:

Re: loose the dope man

No Christian, in fact I never lie. Learned some time ago that it's easier to keep track of the truth than a bunch of lies. I even typed that into one of my comments a while back right here on the discussion board. You should go back and read everything I ever typed and try to catch me in a lie. I respectfully challenge you to do that. LOL.

Remember, you can ask me anything? I'll try my hardest to answer with the best answer I can come up with.

Re: loose the dope man

I didn't say that you lie… just that you might be exaggerating a little bit sometimes. :slightly_smiling_face:

When you write things like "you won't live long enough to see this "wanna be" reveal what is real and true to the young Cajuns in future generations. You'll miss out. Wish you could be there buddy. You're really gonna wanna see this!" you sound like you think you're the Messiah.
But I'm like Saint Thomas, I only believe what I can see. :smiley:

Re: loose the dope man

My thoughts are - Words are just that, Words, if you can't back them up then shut up.

Re: loose the dope man

Greezy "an authority on everything" LMAO You need to put your long pants on and get out of those pampers. Be a person not a phony know it all. You suggested that people should go back and read everythin g you have posted they only need to read one post, you just repeat the same old unnecessary crap.

Re: loose the dope man

Again some simpleton narcissistic "gas lighting" from ole Jerry Springer and ilk like him. My words will last longer than you might think. After all, they are based on experience and truth that for some reason, none of the "experts" have been able to present to you in a satisfactory manner after all this time. Why? Because they are parakeets with no in depth understanding of their accordions, concern for you, nor how to give it away for free in a way that will inspire you to understand. Hey Christian, did you know that "They" crucified the "Messiah" too. Because the words he was speaking at the time were causing a real problem for the orthodox jews and the power seats of Rome control over the sheep.

Yes, I am a messenger.....I am not "The Messenger".

That would be THE BLUE MAX, if he ever deems himself and the Cajun accordion playing community worthy of the Message that he's got to give for all to see, hear, and understand. Consider me like one of his Apostles. LOL

Re: loose the dope man

Greezy, not hating, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows that the "Blue Max" is just another name that you, yourself post under.

Re: loose the dope man

You're right.

Greezy, I read many of your messages carefully, as you advised me to do, and I noticed something. You have perfect spelling (as far as I can judge), BUT... there's this little mistake you always make in all your messages: you always write "it's" (= it is) where it should be the possessive "its". Here are a few quotes (copied and pasted):

Greezy: "... without taking the thumb out to rest and catch it's blood and breath
Greezy: "What they may not teach you is how to get to know and understand your Cajun accordion and what it's construction and reed/note lay out order can allow you as the accordion player to accomplish with said instrument."
Greezy: "I got some Maker's Mark with the red wax seal on the bottle. It's cheap and gives Crown a run for it's money."
Greezy: "the true nature of mankind, a flawed creation, trying to make itself whole and perfect for the time when it shall discover and do battle with, or embrace it's creator."

OK? Now, that's where it becomes interesting:

The same thing can be said about 33rd Degree Master and The Blue Max: Perfect spelling... But... that same little mistake is repeated, the only one I can spot: it's / its.

33rd Degree Master: "So what we're dealing with here is AI artificial intelligence? Wow! But there had to be human involvement at some point near it's origination"
33rd Degree Master: "But there are so many nuances and details that give Cajun music it's differences."
The Blue Max: "... much like a fat baby does to it's parents."

Just a coincidence, of course!

Signé: Lieutenant Columbo :mag: :smiley:

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