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Come Let Us Magnetize Our Accordion Reeds

What happens when you take three of the most powerful forms of energy in the known universe (sound, vibration, and magnetics) and combine all three within an instrument that you can hold in your very own hands?

I don't know right now. But the notion of magnetized accordion reeds just popped into my head from out of no where. So, all you accordion builders out there. Maybe experiment with it a little. Be very careful with it though! I'm told they used this stuff to lift the stones that were used to build the pyramids.....

Jerry, maybe you could work on this idea for the next few days and get back to us with a final solution??

Re: Come Let Us Magnetize Our Accordion Reeds

Brilliant idea, but I see some problems and in the first place for the accordions with bronze reeds :blush:
Can we do something with the fundamental forces.
Look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fundamental_interaction
Maybe there are some more possibilities.
Magnetic reeds are going to push off or attract eachother and that caused some air leaking because the reeds are going to open anyway :joy:
Thanks for the warning too Greezy, because it's dangerous stuff :blush:

Re: Come Let Us Magnetize Our Accordion Reeds

Sorry, Greezy, but the reed blocks upon which steel reeds are mounted are typically made of aluminum. Brass, bronze and zinc have also been used in the past. These metals are all non-ferrous and therefore not magnetic.

A magnetized steel reed has nothing to interact with except maybe the rivet that holds it, and the strength of the joint would far exceed and resist any magnetic force from the reed.

Without magnetic attraction the reed is an island unto itself, driven soley by the whim and wind of the master. Maybe you should stick to your own personal magnetism, Greezy.

Oh, here's an idea: Create a bellows with a perfect vacuum inside and actuate the reeds by mental telepathy. No more troublesome buttons and finger placements. Of course the reeds would remain silent in the vacuous chamber. Maybe you could video a song for the group.

Re: Come Let Us Magnetize Our Accordion Reeds

I can see that there are some very intelligent people who just happen to play the Cajun accordion in this room! This subject is somewhat "Out of the Box", lol, but none the less, an interesting idea to wrap one's mind around.

What would be the reason of magnetizing accordion reeds? Would it have no effect, a negative effect? Or,...maybe a positive effect on the reeds! And consequently, the music and vibration coming from the accordion!

Could we finally do away with the WAX?!!!

Could we magnetize a steel base plate with stamping and/or cutouts on it to accommodate the individual accordion reeds of at least the two lying down rows and leave the two standing rows mounted on hard wood?

What would be the effect on the sound of those steel reeds magnetized directly onto the magnetized mother plate? Would they be easier to just pop off, tune, repair, or replace?

Could it possibly open up a worm hole to the far reaches of the universe?!!

Re: Come Let Us Magnetize Our Accordion Reeds

33, by (steel base plate), do you mean the reed block or blocks? Very thin, very hard, light weight, magnetized steel reed blocks? As long as the weight of the accordion stays at 7 pounds or preferably less, I'd like to see such a thing be created.

As far them 9 pound accordions, they're overweight and sluggish. And they eat too much of my energy and play speed......much like a fat baby does to it's parents.

Re: Come Let Us Magnetize Our Accordion Reeds

Greasy, are you attempting to look serious? Great try.

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