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drug ads


I've deleted more than 70 drug ads from our forum this am!

I'm going to try again to get the Bravenet guys to figure out a way to stop this cr*p or I've got
a mind to tell them that we're out of here .. and look for a new home.

I find myself avoiding our forum because I dread the thought of seeing all these dang ads!


Re: drug ads

Thanks, Nick! Keep on whack-a-moling!

Re: drug ads

Thanks Tom. It looks a whole lot better. Appreciate yr effort.

Re: drug ads

hey... thanks much big nick. my computer feels better already!

Re: drug ads

Thanks Tom, you're a hero :blush:
I'm not hoping that there are members who get some problems with their "addiction" because the drugs are gone :wink: :wink:

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