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Re: loose the dope man

You're right.

Greezy, I read many of your messages carefully, as you advised me to do, and I noticed something. You have perfect spelling (as far as I can judge), BUT... there's this little mistake you always make in all your messages: you always write "it's" (= it is) where it should be the possessive "its". Here are a few quotes (copied and pasted):

Greezy: "... without taking the thumb out to rest and catch it's blood and breath
Greezy: "What they may not teach you is how to get to know and understand your Cajun accordion and what it's construction and reed/note lay out order can allow you as the accordion player to accomplish with said instrument."
Greezy: "I got some Maker's Mark with the red wax seal on the bottle. It's cheap and gives Crown a run for it's money."
Greezy: "the true nature of mankind, a flawed creation, trying to make itself whole and perfect for the time when it shall discover and do battle with, or embrace it's creator."

OK? Now, that's where it becomes interesting:

The same thing can be said about 33rd Degree Master and The Blue Max: Perfect spelling... But... that same little mistake is repeated, the only one I can spot: it's / its.

33rd Degree Master: "So what we're dealing with here is AI artificial intelligence? Wow! But there had to be human involvement at some point near it's origination"
33rd Degree Master: "But there are so many nuances and details that give Cajun music it's differences."
The Blue Max: "... much like a fat baby does to it's parents."

Just a coincidence, of course!

Signé: Lieutenant Columbo :mag: :smiley:

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