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Re: Time to move out of Bravenet?

AMEN! what Jim said...

Re: Time to move out of Bravenet?

I agree.. The childish banter back and forth from folks that think they are funny bickering their way thru life has really got STALE !! Disgusting actions from these so called adults that carry on worse that a 4th grader .. Absolutely disgusting.

Nick we have been wading thru the crap now for a few years. All the content of this forum is still available and I for one have found it more than a help .. Been a huge help that's for sure and thankyou Nick for dealing with the crap..

I hate to see this go.. If it did go no point if the contents of this are not transferable in tact..

I have not been here too long but I just hate to see it die. Even the children on here would not want that although they sure try hard to screw things up for others. They are in the minority so that's a good thing

I for one will just plow my way thru the CRAP and the DRUGS and the VIAGRA ;-) and continue on till I find the Good Stuff and there is a lot of Good Stuff on this forum

Thanks to all that have made this such a great place.


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