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Re: Buying a beginner accordian

Victoria, are you located near Crowley, LA? I would say try to get your hands on an older "C" accordion that is going for sale at around $500 to $1200. Before you buy it, have an experienced accordion player go with you and play on it. By experienced accordion players I mean someone who sounds like they know what they're doing when they play and have been playing for at least 15 to 25 years. A Cajun player that seems like they want to help you. Oh, and don't just jump at the 1st chance to buy any old accordion. Be picky! And haggle on that price! They are all over priced. I've heard of some people jacking up the price to $3000 dollars when the got dam accordion was only really worth $1500. Do not be fooled and be very suspect to all comers, unless you know them personally and then only be half suspect of them. LOL

Jr Martin in Lafayette used to have some older accordions that he would sell for a lower price, or you could go to Mouton accordions north of Crowley and see what "Greg" tells you he can do. Or you can wait for a Hohner HA-114 to come up for sale on the paper or online, or an older Cajun hand made.

Re: Buying a beginner accordian
Re: Buying a beginner accordian

I have the Cajun made Dove accordion that I bought from Dane, Bassman, several months ago and have recently upgraded to an Acadiana. I haven't gotten around to listing it but hope to over Thanksgiving. If you want more information or links feel free to email me ahead of my listing it.

It was the perfect instrument to learn on and test the waters of Cajun Accordion.

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