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JNightshade Mardi Gras lesson

Nightwatch, to further burden your venture into the Mardi Gras Song, here's my shot at it:

My timing is a little sloppy, but you get the idea.

Re: JNightshade Mardi Gras lesson

Good job Ned, but that’s just my opinion and according to the guru full of do do I am not qualified to judge accordion players

Re: JNightshade Mardi Gras lesson

Thank you for your rare display of kindness, Jerry, and your opinion, albeit insignificant in the tout ensemble of the grand forum.

Re: JNightshade Mardi Gras lesson

My opinion is always significant but those that read it aren’t

Re: JNightshade Mardi Gras lesson

Compliments are made for deserving work not to hand out as participation awards

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