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Re: Starting an LSU Cajun Band?

My suggestion is pick one or the other. It's Cajun or zydeco! You can't be traditional and have zydeco in your music. It /my ass to Cajun/zydeco that's a marketing gimmick. Examples of ****ty music is country rock and zyde/Cajun.

Re: Starting an LSU Cajun Band?

That's a great point Mr. Jerry. I am trying for specifically Cajun but if I don't get enough people that play those instruments, I might have to turn to an alternative genre. I totally get your reference of not trying to allow two types of genre to coexist.

Does anyone know of any young Cajun musicians that are looking to find a Cajun band in Baton Rouge or in the Acadiana area? Would getting involved in the local CFMA chapters be good for young musicians? Do you support this idea of LSU trying to start a Cajun band?

Thanks for the advice and feedback in advance.

Re: Starting an LSU Cajun Band?

Yes as a matter of fact they sponsor a jam on the 3rd Sunday of the month in Brulle across the river. Jesse Brown has two kids that play Cajun music in Baton Rouge.

Re: Starting an LSU Cajun Band?

I missed spelled the town it's Brusley

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