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FOR SALE Cajun made accordion

I am selling my Dove box, in the Key of C. It was built by Rufus Foreman of Sunset Louisiana. Including me, 3 members her have used this box to test the waters of Cajun Accordion and all of us passed it along at the same price,comparable to the problematic Chinese stuff but better and real deal Cajun made,, to help the next person stick their tow in the bayou.

Here is a well don You Tube Video that the previous owner made.


I have also put it in my #1 website link. Danes's video says it all better than I can. If you are interested, send me a private email and we can go from there.

Re: FOR SALE Cajun made accordion

I be interested in the box.. ?? tho.. What is that clacking noise and what would it take to fix it..

LOR-1B1 is my postal code where you I live in Southern Ontario Canada.. Punch it in and give me an idea of shipping costs. I will send you an email about purchasing it after answering the questions.. tnx

Willy Wog

Re: FOR SALE Cajun made accordion

just check the you tube and then the box and compared it to my Acadiana. I am no expert but I am pretty sure it is the sound of the paddles(pallets) returning and slapping back on the box. I have checked a third accordion that a friend has and they all have the same "general" sound when the button is released. The Dove sounds a bit louder and a bit harder sounding so I am guessing that changing the leathers(pallet soles) to new and softer ones on the paddles might help.

Again, I'm no expert

As to postage, I paid $600 for box and case and $50 for postage from Chicago to New Mexico. I would imagine Southern Ontario wouldn't be much, if any more????

Email me and we can figure it out.

Re: FOR SALE Cajun made accordion

Here is my email. You want to sell it contact me..


Re: FOR SALE Cajun made accordion

I Picked up another box elsewhere.. Sorry but you did not reply..

Re: FOR SALE Cajun made accordion

No worries, I hope it is a great one for you. To be clear I did respond at 10:23 AM directly to your personal email address that you had provided. I asked for all of your address to get an accurate shipping estimate and went over the price again to make sure we were both in agreement. I just went back to my sent email and I had not used Williewog45.......instead used williewog. My fault, sorry but nothing ever kicked back showing the address I used as a non existent address.I assumed it had gotten to you. Sorry, my bad.

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