Welcome to old and new friends who are interested in discussing Cajun and other diatonic accordions, along with some occasional lagniappe....



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Nice to see "discussion" returning to the discussion group.

Darth: Don't be bashful! We need "discussers" like you.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Re: Discussion!

Merry Christmas to you too Nedro, from Nashville, keep playing.

Re: Discussion!

Man, I really appreciate you saying that. I don't know much about playing the accordion, but I really like to talk. Looking forward to some good discussion!

Have a great day everyone! :v: :smile:

Re: Discussion!

Darth, I beg to differ. If you're in the Cajun Discussion Board, you actually know a whole lot about the accordion and if not, you will. If you've soaked in the information that is at hand, you probably know more about that accordion than most Cajun born players that have never seen the brave net discussion. Remember 90% of them have only learned and played by ear having never truly understood their accordion or what all them buttons are capable of in the hands of a knowing player. Many of them never had mentors that could tell them anything other that the basic basics and show them the copy cat system or the monkey see monkey do system. I can say that, because I am a Cajun that lives right in the midst of them and I used to be one of them 90%. Ahhhh the good ole days when my ignorance was bliss! But I'd never go back to that way of playing. That way of playing and not understanding the accordion nor how to teach it almost killed the art of Cajun accordion amongst the Cajuns believe it or not. The same way speaking the Cajun French ever so fluently, but not knowing how to teach it will probably kill the true Cajun Culture in the near future.

Welcome aboard! Where do you hail from my friend? You don't have to give the exact address. Just there abouts so that the internet stalkers won't be able to come git you.

And a Merry Christmas to you too Nedro. Stay warm up there!

Re: Discussion!

Born and raised in south Louisiana! I've been listening to Cajun music my whole life (against my will as a kid). Been playing the accordion for something like 7 or 8 years on and off, and it was only when I started playing the accordion that I started to find my own appreciation for the music. But, like I said, it was in my ears from the time I was born, so even though I basically taught myself to play, I find myself pulling licks and phrases from various players. And actually when I started playing the accordion, I was playing reggae and blues mostly, zero Cajun. Then, one day my grandpa said "hey why don't you learn some Cajun music on that thing". Sounded like the right thing to do (I mostly always listened to my grandpa), so I did and haven't looked back since.

Heh, sorry for the long spiel, but as I said I like to talk.

Have a great day everyone! :v: :smile:

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