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Re: Greezy Opens His Private Play List To The World

Agreed! In my previous musical adventure I had a jazz quartet (I was the drummer) and we played standards from the 1920's through the 1970's (e.g., Blues, Jazz, some Gospel). The form of tune was important, but jazz is a very conversational form of art. We never played the same song the same way twice - it was very organic. The intro/outro was recognizable, but we spoke with one another in our solos.

I briefly played in the percussion section of a brass symphonic band - talk about pain! Every note was scripted and you played the song according to the script. Ugghhh!

I want to use the same approach to Cajun as I did with jazz. This should be an organic folk conversation, fun, and pull audience members out of their seats compelled to dance. Oh, it should also have my personal signature on it!

Thanks for your direction!


Re: Greezy Opens His Private Play List To The World

Greezy McGill
- In Google type greezy mcGill.
- Choose Greezy McGill - YouTube.
- Click on "Playlists".
- Do Not click on the picture or "Play All" option.
- Instead, click on the words in blue below the picture "Classic French Music".
- The notes (accordion key and playing key) will be on right side of page.

**The notes save you the time of figuring out which accordion to grab and which key to play it in. The list was meant to help anyone with a "C" or "D" accordion. It was also meant to make accordion players learn their own style by listening and trying to play along with the old masters instead of directly copying the style of modern day players.

I don't know about you MLS, but I don't want to hear 300 Marc Savoys, or 75 Steve Rileys, or 3000 Greezy McGills gallivanting around the Cajun accordion world all playing the same songs in the exact same styles. We've had quite a few years of that kind of thing going on lately and I'm getting very sick of it. I have used an inflammatory term called "Parakeeting" to describe it. "A dumb bird that only repeats what it hears, exactly like it hears it, without the ability to apply what it has learned to something useful other than the entertainment of it's owners and visiting house guest."
Anyone on here found the list with the key of the song on the right.. I have tried everything I know and can not see it anywhere never mind on the right.

I don't see the blue line either..

Anyone? What browser are you using Greezy?

Willy Wog

Re: Greezy Opens His Private Play List To The World

Those instructions are the exact instructions anyone in America could use. Not sure about other countries. I've found the "PLAYLIST" in google and yahoo and both worked. The liner notes come up every time. I've even tried it on several different computers from several different locations and it works every time using those instructions you just copied and pasted to me.

The playlist view count grows more and more every day. Somebody's using the hell out of it! And for that I am happy. BTW YouTube doesn't know who I really am, so they can't find me to pay me if the view count gets to be over 1 million. Ahhhhh the story of my life. Always going to be a poor man I guess.

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