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Re: Belisaire Waltz Lesson.help me with the rythmnic thing

Thank you for your positive critique of my playing and for the excellent videos you posted

Re: Belisaire Waltz Lesson.help me with the rythmnic thing

Hi Darth

Yes, I thinks that is it. I saved both and will give them a go..

Did/do you find it complicated ??

thanks so much and to everyone else who has chimed in.. Thanks

Willy Wog

Re: Belisaire Waltz Lesson.help me with the rythmnic thing

Thanks everyone! Nedro hit it on the head. His video has a little different timing, as he pointed out. He was playing two eighth notes on the bass. Not just out-out or in-in. He was actually playing in-out eighth notes on the bass. This is also not uncommon. And as he also pointed out, what I was doing was eighth notes on the treble, but the same idea of in-out eighth notes. Both of these techniques are not uncommon.

In fact, sometimes, because of the phrasing with the right hand buttons, there's no way to get around it. This tends to be the case in Belisaire, which is one of the reasons why I think it has so much expression. Man, I really love that song, and can't thank Willy Wog enough for showing me a spot to find Allie Young's music on the internet. I love that man's music.

To answer the level of complication question; as I pointed out, sometimes, your hand is forced (see what I did there? :wink: ) and you can't avoid it. And even still, sometimes, it isn't possible. All this is kinda dependent on the phrasing of a melody you choose with your right hand. For example, if you notice that you could change a couple notes and then, in turn, you get to do something more interesting with the left side, it might be something you consider. Hope this makes sense and feel free to ask for further clarification on this topic. To be honest though, I'm kinda talking outa my ass at this point though.

Thanks for the positive feedback as well everyone. Doesn't make me wanna stop posting, I'll tell you that much. Glad someone got something out of my seemingly useless thoughts.

Have a great day everyone :v: :smile:

Re: Belisaire Waltz Lesson.help me with the rythmnic thing

To Willy,

Dear Willy, "What is the point of playing in "F" on a "C" accordion?" Good question. I've asked myself the same question many times. There's no good single answer.

1. To accommodate a fiddler that might be playing along with you or backing you up.
2. Maybe the key of "F" is the best key to match your singing voice?
3. Playing in the key of "F" actually improves and expands your understanding and muscle memory for all of the keys.
4. Playing in "F" to change things up a little and explore the Cajun accordion more.
5. Gives you the ability to be more versatile with the band.
6. It really lets other accordion players know that you know what you're doing. LOL.
7. Playing in "F" allows you to get over the anger of not being able to play in "F".
8. Playing in "F" saves wear and tear on your seconding base buttons.
9. Playing in "F" will help you to solve the antics of "B" flat accordion players.
10.Playing in "F" allows you to screw with beginner accordion player's heads and send them away dumbfounded and wanting to know more. And you never have to explain why you did that to them. LOL

Re: Belisaire Waltz Lesson.help me with the rythmnic thing

How ya doin Greezy.. For me there is a Simple answer..

Well, I don't see the point of playing anytime in 'F'on a 'C' box anytime .. Cuz I don't want to play just half an instrument. Bass side is nil.. So Whats the point. Tell the fiddlers to RETUNE lol !! I just love your 'Tom Foolery' . All the way back to Hebert.. If'in you git my drift... lol lol

Willy Wog

Re: Belisaire Waltz Lesson.help me with the rythmnic thing

Ha Willy, yes, "Hebert" and myself are quite close. You actually went back and read! Good for you! We are not the same person though. But yes, very close in thinking none the less. Hebert is a disciple so to speak. He is a Blue Max player, and has been for a long time, even though Jerry treated him like an internet chump back then. But I believe he forgave Jerry. He doesn't like to talk about it. Dude turns red and starts shaking when I mention it to him. LOL

Willy, I can almost guarantee you that the need to play in "F" on a "C" accordion will come to you some day. I still don't like doing it, but I force myself to. You will see why I say that when the time comes. You can delay your understanding, or you can dive right in and get it started.

Re: Belisaire Waltz Lesson.help me with the rythmnic thing

Greezy McGill
You can delay your understanding, or you can dive right in and get it started.[/quote

I get the understanding fine and found the notes for 'F' but there is not to much+ in the way of different notes to play and if figure why bother. I got my way around F playing tunes in C.

But my main reason of I don't give a fat rats ass about 'F' playing cuz I can't use the left hand bass side of the instrument.. That would be like a sax player not being able to play the left hand lower notes.. Hell with that.. !!

Yes I have read everything from the beginning.. Pretty cool information all thru the messages .. Yes you and your 'pal' ;-) are very similar in thought.

Thanks tho the helping.. Appreciate it.. Oh,,, Still can't find the area that the keys to the tunes are.. Have used 4 different browsers. So I give up.. I spend a few minutes a day listening to tunes as I do that I put in the file what keys are.. Would be like here is the file name..... …… D being the key..... …… D-Mede2step.mp3 or mp4 if video.. Nothing else to do anyway..

Willy Wog

Re: Belisaire Waltz Lesson.help me with the rythmnic thing

I have discovered that people listening to my public Cajun French Music playlist on any kind of I phone or phone period cannot view my liner notes next to each song. It may be that the viewer has to live in the country of the USA and has to view the list on a laptop or computer. A cellphone will play the songs, but just will not show the liner notes.

My advice is to either get a computer, or take the long and arduous journey of listing your own finding of what keys the songs are in. It may take a while.

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