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Accordion Repair in Virginia

I live in Lexington, VA (near Roanoke). Does anyone know of a good person to do repairs on my Cajun accordion, say within 150 miles or so? Thanks

Re: Accordion Repair in Virginia

What do you need worked on? Keyboard? Tuning?

Re: Accordion Repair in Virginia

I hear a lingering vibration of some kind after releasing the bass button. Following advice of others on the forum I will probably ship it back to builder. Thanks for your response.

Re: Accordion Repair in Virginia

You should remove the bass box, to do that you have to remove the back plate and then unscrew the bass box from the inside of it. Sounds like you might have a piece of trash stuck in one of the reeds. You can pull the reeds up with a thin knife and blow in it, it might dislodge. If you decide to send it back to the builder you only have to send the back plate, not the whole accordion. Who built your box and did you buy it new?

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