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Creole Brand Accordion Wanted~

Does anyone on the forum have a Creole Brand Accordion they might be willing to part with aka sell? I am looking for the kind that Harry Trahan played. It has a black plate below the 4 pull stoppers that says Creole on it. Made by Paul Guidry ("Creole" brand acordion)
208 Bellhomme Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506
(318) 984-3145

Re: Creole Brand Accordion Wanted~

Paul died about 6 years ago, I knew him well. Every once in a while his accordions are posted on ebay and craigslist, just keep looking

Re: Creole Brand Accordion Wanted~

I do Jerry. Thank you for the Reply

Re: Creole Brand Accordion Wanted~

Hi Jerry do you have any insight on Paul's various Creole builds. There is one listed right now that is a Creole Accordion that is about 30 years old that has the Creole Logo etched into the wood with a small PG logo inside a bell.

But the Creole Accordion Harry Trahan played had a black plate on it that said Creole and seemed to be a bit more of a stouter build?

Do you know if Paul always used Dixie reeds in his builds? Or were you able to ever play the two different Creole models?
If so Did you notice any difference. The older Creole build has the mother of pearl buttons. And Harry's had the metal buttons etc. Thanks

Re: Creole Brand Accordion Wanted~

There is a Creole Brand for sell on Facebook for $1,200.



Re: Creole Brand Accordion Wanted~

Thank you D

Re: Creole Brand Accordion Wanted~

Hank3, what sparked your interest in the Creole Brand? Did you like the sound of Harry Trahan's accordion, or did you come across another Creole that caught your attention as being the accordion brand you needed to have? Something set you on this path and I'm interested to know what it was. Was it the sound, the look, the feel of a creole brand accordion? Was it some kind of nostalgic attraction to an old brand Creole? What are you seeking my friend? Let us know. What is driving you. I believe this can turn into an interesting discussion, for I have recently put mine hands on a wet tuned Martin B flat that had that "deep sweet rumble" that practically played itself. The accordion player that owned it didn't want to play on my Acadian "C" or my "D". After I played his B flat I understood why. Tell me your story. Then I'll tell you mine about the search for the "Golden Accordion".

Re: Creole Brand Accordion Wanted~

Is that address in back of Doug Ashy? I used to live on Belle Dame, and I think Belle Homme might have been the street parallel to where I was. I could have walked to his house! When you don't know, you don't know!

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